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g'day - from the outback oasis

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by missing link, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. g'day , i've just joined the forum so i thought i'd jump straight in say hello.(hello!). i'm the proud owner of a 05 vt750c honda shadow. i've just clocked over 20,000 klm's since sept 05 . the bike is set up to tow a trailer i built for long distance touring.all i need to do now is save enough dough to go on those long tours. until that happens i'll have to stick with weekend rides.until next time ride safe,
    missing link

    MOD-EDIT: welcome to netrider, but please read the terms and conditions particularly when dealing with posts in all capitals.
    it is an easy rule to follow, and will take up none of your time. on this occasion i have cleaned it up for you, but your duty is to understand the T&C's and join in accordingly.
  2. Welcome Missing Link

    Enjoy the Shadow - you got any pics of the touring set up?

    Stay safe and enjoy those country roads
  3. G'day Toecutter, I had a Z650F kwaka that I called the toecutter special.She looked similar to the bike's off MAD MAX, I wish now that I had kept her. I will post some photo's of both bikes , when I work out how to make it happen. :?
    Missing Link.
  4. Shouting at me like that explains why you have that nic.

    Missing a link or two eh? ](*,)

    :LOL: :LOL:

    *shouting into your eardrum* WELCOME TO NETRIDER!

    Did ya hear that ya deaf numnut? :p :grin:
  5. You need to host your pics somewhere

    Try www.photobucket.com and open an account

    Then upload them from your computer, then copy the "url" and paste it between [​IMG]

    Hope that works for ya

  6. G'day everyone,........

    G'day Missing link!

    Hope you enjoy yourself here,....and have fun eh!

    Dr Who?
  7. i once tried to be a toecutter, whilst splitting wood with bare feet. i failed, but still didnt walk for 3 weeks :LOL:

    welcome to NR mate.
  8. Welcome Missing Link, hope you enjoy.
  9. Missing Link Welcome.

    :LOL: @ MG
  10. Welcome Missing link!

    There are very few Netriders down our way unfortunatly, It's good to have someone else hanging around!
  11. Great Z650 ML - those bikini fairings are just so part of that era


    Nice Shadow as well - where did you get the trailer? What is its weight?

  12. Welcome to NR missing link hope ya enjoy the forum. Love the Zed.
  13. G'day, Toecutter. I built the trailer myself, it weighs 80 kg's empty and I try to run it at about the 130 -150 kg mark. No trouble towing at the speed limit , and the fuel consumption seems to have stayed about the same. In the mountains it suffers a little, but then I'm not in a hurry.
    missing link.
  14. Welcome ML and hello to you too Dr Who!
  15. Welcome missing link, enjoy the NR experience :wink: