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G'day from the new guy.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Classic Cruiser, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. I'm a Sydney sider and i have finally seen the light and swapped the juice guzzling V8 for a new XVS650A V-Star Classic. I have only just started on my L's and i'm 28 years old :roll: , I'm aiming for a Harley once i turn 30 but this is as close as i can get at the moment.
    Riding this back home from the shop was pretty funny & daunting after stalling it 3 to 4 times but as they say practice makes perfect and all was fine once i made it out of the city alive. :grin:

    Thanks for looking. :grin:

  2. [​IMG]

    Congratulations on your purchase Classic! Stay safe :)
  3. ya, welcome to here. You'll love it!

    he will wont he??

  4. Oh dear, another newbie, all the stupid questions and stuff :roll:. Why do we bother???

    BECAUSE we love it!!! Welcome the friendly forum, where all your questions are relevant, even if the answers may not be!!!

    Keep an eye on NSW Rides and Events for get-togethers of Sydney riders too :).
  5. welcome to the forum......
  6. Hey there and welcome! :grin:
  7. Welcome to NR Classic Cruiser \:D/
  8. Ls @ 28? I can beat that :wink:

    Hi and welcome Classic Cruiser.
  9. me too!!!!!!!!!
  10. happy to see you Classic Cruiser and welcome to crazy netriders... :p
  11. welcome cruiser rider :cool: