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G'day from the Far North Coast.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by harry88, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. G'day, My name is Harry, I've lurked the forums for a little while these last few weeks and finally decided to join to throw in my useless 2 bob and maybe even meet some fellow riders on the road. I'm in Lismore NSW, I'd been avid avid motocross rider for 10 or so years until i fianlly got on the road (despite saying i never would) Im an L plater finally returning to the bike after 2 separate 3 month License suspensions but with any luck soon to be P plater for a short time before I hit 25 and get the opens happening, I ride a little MC22 CBR250RR and I'm a total sucker for a cold beer, look forward to getting to know all of you soon! :peace:

  2. Hey Harry, welcome to the nuthouse (y) where do you ride motocross? Do you compete?
  3. welcome should get a ride going with all us far north coasters sometime
  4. Cheers, unfortunately my YZ250 had to go last year as funding an off road hobby, a ute for transport and a road bike just wasnt in the budget anymore, Ill get back amongst it one day when the wallet permits it.
    I never competed, I just used to ride days at Reedy Creek, Emu creek etc and did a shit load of riding in the bush, miss it like you wouldnt believe!

    And yeah ratman I dunno what the go is club wise around here I know lismore motorcycles used to have the odd ride day going but itd be great to get on a group ride sometime
  5. yeah lismore bike shop do a ride pretty much every Sunday but i'm not the biggest fan of those guys i was thinking of trying to get a group ride around the 11-12 of may depends on how work goes
  6. You're not the first bloke I've heard say that, I've never had too many dramas with them but I hear a lot of negative feedback about the shop. Maybe start a thread to get the ball rolling, I know a few locals who'd be keen
  7. yeah i will no offense but the mechanic there are the most useless i have ever meet there service my bike 2 times and would still not figure out where an oil leak was