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G'day from the Dandenongs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RowanS, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. New member! Rowan: V-Strom Dl1000. Ulysses Member! Grow Old Disracefully!! Dandenong Ranges..

    Cheers :grin: :)

  2. Welcome, shame about the bike though. :grin:
  3. welcome!
  4. gday ol timer, plenty of ol timers around these boards
  5. Welcome to NR Rowan. You're certainly well placed for some great roads. Not sure I like the BMW recovery team crack though [-X
  6. Welcome to the boards...nice bike, these things are way more capable then most think......actually it's right up there with most embarrassing bikes to be round up by on the road by :oops:
  7. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Can you PM me your phone number in case my bike needs recovery :LOL:
  8. might as well set up a direct line for you :p
    welcome aboard, good place to be living eh :)
  9. WTF!!

    And I thought I was chief 'bike pusher'

    LOL :p :p :p :grin:

  10. TANX

    DL1000 V-Strom is a SUZUKI! SV1000 V twin motor.. It outperforms BMW GS 1200 at twice the price.. (snob value for the BMW)..
  11. PS
    I actually lover the Beemer but can't afford it. By the way, you can read my avatar BOTH ways!
    R :idea: :!:
  12. Ahmmm!

    I spell it with a K. [-X

    But Tanks for saying hi. \:D/

    tankgirl :grin:
  13. Oh, no, not you to. :wink:

    (Will, tried some pants today, trying more on the wknd. Thanks for help, babe.) :grin:
  14. TG u must really have time on your hands or you work for a slacker council than goz... your here more than him :LOL:

    (No worries =] write a review on your decision making after you get em. explain why you choose what. help out some other ladies =] sadly we cant offer teh same opinions)
  15. goz will prob. be real insulted being associated with me ;)
    How rude! I was out for half the day - trying on bike pants :oops:
    Work from home. Go get a proper job now.
    Review - I'll try to keep it clean. But no promises, hear! :wink:
    Pics??? Again, I'll try.....

    Sorry Row
  16. Welcome aboard!

    mmmm..picture review......................
  17. Hmm yes you were out. ah workign from home that explains the 170 posts and you only joined like a few weeks ago?
  18. Welcome to NR, Rowan :grin:

    TG, everytime you type something in blue I try and click on it...haha. I'm so predictable....or am I? dun dun dun
  19. you dag! :LOL:
    I'll change to RED