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Gday from the country

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by katcando, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. HI all.
    Im from Shepparton Victoria. I have a little XV535. (currently off the road) :mad:
    Ive been to this site a fair bit before i joined and it looks like a lotta fun.

  2. XV535 huh? Underrated little jigger, how do you find it? I'd love to do one up into a more aggressive cruiser.

    Welcome to the forums :)
  3. I absolutly love it. though i think ive grown out of it. so when i win tatslotto ill keep her for the sentiment but perhaps get something more sporty.
    I certainly dont get out and ride enough (you know, single mum stuff) but thems the breaks.
    Nice to meet you
  4. wings.
    Woohoooo we have another from this part of the world
    And a WOMAN to boot.

    katcando Welcome.

    Ok guys & girls numbers are going up here
    We really need to organise something oneday.
    Maybe once tourist season slow downs / school holidays are over & work rosters get back to norm.
  5. Thanks Charmed.
    Yes i am a woman with boots.
    and own bike trailer
    and bike
    and 4wd
    and kids

    what more could a guy want \:D/
  6. Welcome Kat! You've found a great place here :)
  7. Welcome, hope you enjoy the ride
  8. thanks guys and gals. hope to get the bike on the road n do coffee ride in melb to meet yall before it get too wet n cold :grin:
  9. hey Kat welcome!!
    another shepp female rider here too(27), althought i'm currently off the road as im 7 months pregnant (guess i didnt spend enough time on the bike..LOL)

    anyway Zen(who is nice enough to be looking after my bike for me) and county cruiser are local boys here too, so we are slowly growing in numbers..
    hope you are enjoying the place and hopefully we should all meet for coffe soon..
    and as for what more could a guy want, im a nurse and they all want sponge baths!! LOL...
  10. from the almighty shepp ay? we got a crew down that way bustin' windscreens weekly :LOL:

    welcome :grin:
  11. Welcome to NR :grin: . I'm an old Benalla boy myself. Will be up that way visiting the folks tomorrow. :)
  12. good onya guys. thanks for the spongbath tip.

    went on the poker run yesterday. some good friend took pity on my bikeless state and helped me get a fix. nuk nuk nuk. I feel better today although the weathers a waisting :(

    would be good for us to do a catch up.
  13. BTW does that fact that i need to post everyday mean that im sick????
  14. Welcome katcando! I'm often in Shepp - was born there and have relatives there still :)
  15. Well I spent the first 18 years of my life in Shepp.

    Have a sister living in Shepp and in-laws in Merrigum, so go there moreso these days. Haven't actually been to Shepp for a number of years, especially after the folks sold up and moved to Bendigo!! Oh well, thems the breaks.

    Most devastated to hear of the demise of Ducats, especially seeing as whenever we are up that way, we tend to get several containers of Mr D's. Perfect for freezing and consuming on those hot summer days.

    Went to Wilmot Rd Primary then South Tech (Now MacQuire College). Left Shepp to go to Uni, etc, etc, etc.....Who the hell is this MacQuire guy anyway. Never heard of him.

    Might see you on the roads somwhere....
  16. Not as devastated as I was as this was my late grandfather's business. I have many fond memories of him taking me into the factory as a kid and getting to help myself to whatever I wanted. Ah well.
  17. Bluesuede, sincerest condolences. Ducats was an institution in Shepparton.

    My wife is still trying to find out how she can get Mr D's in Melbourne, even though I believe it is now made near Tullamarine.
  18. Argh Noooooooooo.

    Not Mr D's, i stock up every summer when i'm camping at Cobram, now what do i do for a hangover cure???
  19. i too went to sth tech for a while (less than a year) i grew up till age 14 in euroa. anybody is more than welcome to pm me for a catch up if your heading this way :grin:
  20. Thanks. I'm just glad my grandfather was long dead so never saw his company run into the ground. :evil: About as much as I'll say on the matter on a public forum!