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G'day from the Coast!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 63-SIX, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. G'day all!

    Been riding for about 6 years now but decided to buy a 4wd to give my license time to recover after racking up a few too many fines riding. See, I used to work in Sydney and traveled the F3 from the Central Coast everyday for a few years. I'm sure many of you would understand the risk to your riders license traveling that particular stretch of highway that often... So i took a break, but inevitably the idea of riding again led me to selling the fourby and buying my current ride, an '05 636 Ninja. I now live and work up here on the Mountain and really only get out to ride on my days off or to head down to town after work or whatever. So hopefully, with a bit of hindsight and a little restraint, I'll be able to continue to ride my pride and joy for many years to come.

    By the way, if any of you Coastal locals are up for a bit of cruise now and then give me a shout!

    Cheers, Ash

  2. Welcome.
    When you said "Coast" I wondered which one.
  3. Funny that, seeing as we're surrounded by them... Nah cheers mate, nice to be here.
  4. G'day Ash, welcome. Always good to see more coasties on here
  5. nice bike the 05 636 i used to have the burnt orange coloured one. nice torquey engine, not quite as good as the daytona 675 but well ahead of the other 600 IL4s from the other marquees. and nice to see kawasaki bringing back the 636 in the 13 model

    and welcome mate, im new here too :worthlesspics:
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. Might have to go for a cruise sometime Camo.

    That's debatable...
  7. Had both its not a debate
  8. Never owned one but rode my mates plenty. I cant see how you can even compare them. The 675 felt like a toy compared the 636. Sure they're fun to flick around being so light, but i found it to be a little lacking in power. Maybe its just me.
  9. Top end power yeah bt monster torque compared to the il4s. And the early 675 did feel cheap. I had 2011 675r all ohlins and carbon fibre. Excellent finish. Lapped quicker than a few talented mates on cbr1000 at the track. Sure not in a straight line but at mallala its easy to be faster on a 600. The 675r was awesome on track just so linear with power
  10. Supose it comes down to what you want in a bike i guess. I bought my 636 mainly because of the raw power and bucket loads of torque. For my style of riding nothing else can match it. I reckon on the track the 675 would be great. Much more easy to flick around. But hey, at the end of the day choice in our bikes is what its all about.
  11. Gidday from another coastie!
  12. Sure thing mate, I'm always keen. I knock off work mid morning 6 days a week so finding a time that suits may be a little tough?
  13. I get all day Friday off and half days on the weekend (knock off around lunch). Reckon a Friday cruise would work.[DOUBLEPOST=1357107733][/DOUBLEPOST]
    G'day champ!
  14. Friday could work mate, not sure of an exact time I'll be ready to roll but its safe to imagine it'd be sometime before lunch, weather permitting.
    Got a ride in mind?