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G'day from the Capital

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Hey all, I'm new here and just noticed this. I'm Mitch and I'm from Canberra. I just got my L's on Monday and am very keen to get my first bike! :grin: I've been reading through the site and will keep on coming back for all the good newbie rider info!

    Have a good one all!

    (PS, if you've got a ZXR250 or GSF250 or 400 in the ACT or nearby areas for sale, email me!)
  2. welcome mitch, i have a brother named mitch who lives in canberra....but he's not so much in to motorbikes.

    so anyway welcome and i'll see you on the road
  3. Howdy Mitch and welcome
  4. Welcome Mitch.

    There's always good roadies for sale in the ACT, just shop around and don't plonk your cash down on the first shiny thing you see.
  5. howdy,

    make sure u get a 250 that has twin front disk brakes.
  6. Welcome to ya mitch!! Im only new as well and this place is fantastic!! Im a Canberra boy as well so maybe we'll meet up for a ride when you get your bike?!!

    Good luck
  7. Welcome Mitch. Hope you find the bike you like coz I am sure you very eager to ride.
  8. welcome mitch, hope you enjoy as much as the rest of us.
  9. Is the braking difference that big/noticable from single to twin discs?

    Yeah sounds good
  10. Hiya Mitch, welcome to the forums :)
  11. Welcome!

    Sounds like the (net)rider population in Canberra is increasing daily!

    More people to go on group rides/coffee nights with when I get down there!
  12. Count me in!!!!

    I have a GPX250, but that should hopefully change soon.
  13. Well sonja - I think we're gonna have to organise a coffee night and get Joel and Rox down here!!! Just gotta find the time for it!!

    What are you guys up to next wed night?
  14. I'm busy, sorry. Weekends or Friday nights are likely to be better for a majority, too.
  15. Damn, looks like I'm gonna have to get my arse into gear and get some wheels!
  16. Yeah agreed - thats when it sux not being in the majority :( Hospitality work!

    Could do a sat or sunday morning ride to the cotter then city for coffee or something?
  17. yes the brakes are noticeable when there are two disks.

    the bigger the engine the better the brakes. my gpx 250 brakes were legal and far too pissy. the zx9 brakes are superb. the go the same speed [zx9 does far more] but if your doing 60 your doing 60 and you want good brakes.
  18. You better!

    G'day mitch welcome to the strange cyber and real world of Netrider.
  19. mmmm... Cotter...
  20. welcome mitch.... :dance: