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G'day from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sitting Bull, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I've finally worked out what it is that's been missing in my life for the past 30 years or so. Something I've always admired, desired but very seldom had the joy of using. So I booked in for the pre-learners course and I'm now the proud owner of a 1 week old learner motorcycle licence. Too long I've been denying myself of something that's in my blood. All the stories about my uncles and their BSA's, Vincent HRD's, Brough Superiors and how they could ride always stirred something deep inside of me.
    I've ridden small trail bikes as a kid and farm bikes in my twenties but now the time has come to own my first road bike. I'm looking forward to learning a few things here and hopefully will have something to give to the forum in the future.
    Can't wait to be riding and feel as one with my bike.

  2. Welcome. Where in Tassie are you from? What bike are you going to buy?
  3. Welcome to NR :)

    What bike are you looking at? Some amazing roads down your way. Very jealous.
  4. Welcome SB, we have had a few Tassie joiners over the last couple of weeks. What corner of the south island do you come from?
  5. Pfft...it took you guys two posts to ask what I asked in one post.

    When will I find my equal?
  6. efficaciously concise of you Matt :)
  7. I'm just trying to speed things along so that I can start trying to convince the OP that he should get a UCE Royal Enfield.... :)
  8. I'm on the North West Coast, we have some great roads in these parts for riding.
    I'm not sure what bike I'm going to be riding to get through the MOST test and onto P2.
    A new CB400 has taken my eye but a little out of my budget. My left hip plays up a bit now and then so I'll have to find something with a riding position that doesn't aggravate it. I reckon I'll be upgrading to a big Sports Tourer or Cruiser when I'm off P1 but I really like all types of bikes so who knows what I'll end up with.
  9. Welcome, from Launie.

    If you're looking specifically for something that suits your hip, you will want to sit on as many bikes as you can manage. Some will hurt like hell, others will magically be comfortable for reasons you can't fathom from looking at it.

    You're coming into the buyers market (by tassie standards) right now thanks to the onset of winter. In the coming months, plenty of people who bought bikes enjoyed if for a ferw months while it was warm and new, now have it just sitting around in the shed decide to sell.
  10. Thanks Mate. I'm thinking a cruiser might be a bit easier on the hip but as you say I'll have to sit on a few.
    I have a bike to look at tomorrow, sounds like a good bike on paper,
    1999 Suzuki GSF250V
    Immaculate apparently.
    12 months rego
    The guy says he got it from a dealer 2 years ago and has done 3000kms on it. He's about to get off P1 and wants something bigger. I asked him when it was last serviced. He reckons it would of been done at the dealer before he purchased it but he would get it serviced for anyone that purchased it.
    What would it be worth if it checks out as described?
  11. Welcome to NR, sit on a Suzi gs500f, a yamah xvs650, kwaka 650, you'll find riding positions is upright, all are LAMS bikes, the more you sit on, the better option/s you have. If you dont like the looks of a bike, it MIGHT the be the most cumfy for you, so sit on the bugger anyway, nuthin to lose!!
    Enjoy :)
  12. Well I sat on the GSF250V and found it comfortable but the seller wasn't keen to let me test ride it. He hasn't done any maintenance on the bike in the 2 years he's had it, the oil looked overfull and there was oil around the bottom of the gearbox. Not sure if it's come from the chain or elsewhere. The owner seemed to know about as much about the mechanics of the bike as me, which isn't a lot. Undecided, so I think I'll sit on a few more.
  13. Hi mate and welcome. As another "coming back into riding after more than 25yr" , I must say its been great. The GS500F was my first bike and a great one too. At 5'11" it has a good sitting position and I did 7000k's in 6 months learning road craft. If like me you've ever had a low back problem then do not buy a cruiser. The sitting position on a cruiser pushes your lumbar spine back eliminating its natural forward curvature which is BAD. Also, on a cruiser , when you hit a bump or a pothole the impact goes straight up your tailbone. NOT GOOD. On a sports/sports tourer you sit with your knee bent which gives you a natural set of springs when you hit bumps + it encourages the forward curvature of your lumbar spine. enough said...enjoy
  14. Thanks mate, that's just the sort of info I was after and I do have lumbar problems from time to time. I understand what you mean about hip angle/spine curvature when it comes to compression of the spine from road jar, being a cyclist. I have my eye out for a nice GS500F but the ones I have found are a little out of my budget at the moment, but good ones. Perhaps it my be beneficial to sit the winter out and save a bit more coin.

    I'm 5'10 and around 78kgs.
  15. Welcome to NR and to the fascinating world of Motorcycles. (y)

    You already are in a good place - Tasmania has some wonderful roads. :D
  16. Mate, just about my stats.. I found a good deal on a second hand GS500F on eBay. Of course, I moved up to a 650 after 6 months and now onto a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 after getting my full licence. BTW check out ROT(Riders of Tasmania) online. They are a bunch of good blokes to hook up with. Good for info and help. Cheers and happy riding