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G'day from Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by johnnywazza, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hiya all!

    Been readin through Netrider for a coupla months now. Now I've spotted these learner rides and MOST trainin I decided it was about time I introduced myself and got in on the action :grin:

    Got my licence and bike ('02 ZZR) about 3 months ago now. Mainly been just using it for commuting for now, cause i've been busy with other stuff. Even so, the feeling is bloody fantastic! Really wanna get out there into the twisties tho and get my riding more up to scratch. Went down to the Royal National Park the other weekend and quickly found the confidence i've got in sydney traffic and roads means next to squat when the road starts to really get bendy :p.

    Anyways, better get back to work. I'll throw up some pics of the bike when I get home. Hope to see you people out on the road!
  2. Hey johnnywazza,


    Come on in/down/whatever!

    Look forward to seeing you Wednesdays!

  3. ok not the greatest shot, but there be's the bike. Ahhh so much love :)