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G'day from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by taymaishu, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thought i'd post up a g'day to you all.
    A bit about myself - 27 year old Sydney male and new to riding (never been on a bike before).
    I'm doing my HART course in the next month and going through my L's, red P's to fulls process.
    I've got two bikes in mind (and happy to hear your thoughts!):
    - Ninja 250R
    - CBR250R

    Haven't really considered much else, but I thought these would be good for learning and city driving for now.

    Hope to cruise or see some of you on the road soon when I'm on 2 wheels!!

    All the best
  2. You lost me at male...

    Welcome to NR :D

    Are you a heavy fellow? 250 can be a bit limiting for some
  3. Hahaha thanks :)

    Actually nowhere near it. I'm blessed in my height - 5'11 1/2" and about 62kg :)
  4. Little slip of a thing you are, I'd pick up with one arm (my pear eating arm)
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  5. Ha! Absolutely no doubt about it. I'm bloody lanky, not assisted much at all by extremely long arms and legs - assuming this may help with riding.
  6. Welcome to NR. :)
    Personally I would go with the CBR250 with ABS (bit biased).
    However, I suggest you also consider the Ninja 300.
  7. Hi Fader, thanks!

    Would that be just for the extra 50cc and oomph once i'm confident on the bike?

  8. Hi Tay, welcome to NR. (y)

    Personally, I wouldn't buy a brand newie to start out with, mainly because I'm not even remotely "well off" financially and couldn't afford to have it fixed if/when it gets damaged.

    In saying that, if money wasn't an issue, I'd still buy which ever bike is the cheapest, especially if getting a 250 as I'd want to upgrade as soon as legally possible. Also, there is the fact that even a minor incident can cost you some $'s, especially if the fairings get damaged.

    Also, FaderDraw is onto something there. The Ninja 300 would provide a little more power plus better resale value when it comes time to upgrade.

    Just something to ponder?
  9. Hey Kow8ell,

    Thanks heaps - greatly appreciated! Money won't be too much of an issue as the sale of my current vehicle (2009 BMW) will go towards the bike.

    As said previously, i'm a light guy, so I don't think i'd definitely NEED a 300 for now. To be honest i'd feel safer on a 250 for my first year or so. That being said, I definitely won't be getting a bike brand new and am looking at some 2010/11 Ninjas which seem to be fairly suitably priced.

    Now to throw a spanner in the works - I do drive a fair bit to Canberra to see family and my partner is currently living there. Would a 250 get me there or just cause more pain than hassle (also remembering that i'm restricted to 80kmh on my L's and 90 on my P's)?

    All the advice here is fantastic - I must say that. Never have I come across such an awesome source of information and advice.

    Thanks again :)
  10. You'll be bored within a week.
    Canberra will be a wretched ride

    Get a CB400
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  11. Your welcome Tay,

    That's a great idea getting a bike that is 2-3 years old. That way whatever bike you get should have minimal kms and can be had for a good price. Good thinkin!

    Basically any 250 sports bike would handle the ride to Canberra no problem, both speed wise and performance/handling wise. Mind you, it is roughly a 300km trip each way so you would most likely need to stop at least once each way for fuel and/or a rest.

    Just remember, when you are on the highways, own your position on the road. Don't let other vehicles push you around (both mentally & physically), especially as you would be doing 80/90kph. Luckily, in VIC, we don't have speed restrictions for L's/P's!!

    Let us all know what bike you end up getting and how you go on your travels.

    Good luck! :peace:
  12. That extra 50cc will be felt once you start doing highway riding; especially for passing cars. Also, once you get a bit of confidence on your bike I recommend going down to Homebush on Saturdays for L's practice.More information in the ride events section.;)
  13. Thank you all, everyone!

    @Kow8ell - That's great to know, thank you once again. I find the trip to Canberra somewhat therapeutic - not a long drive, but far enough away from Sydney :) I usually stop once for a coffee in Goulburn but I do realise i'll need to fuel up along the way on a bike. Thanks again :)

    @Fader - that's exactly what i'm planning to do, and perhaps a private lesson @ HART (if anyone has done one?)

    I'm looking forward to finding out how I like it - a very good mate of mine is about to sell his Ninja 250 so I might just snap that up :)

    Really hope to see some of you around :peace:
  14. Welcome to NR and the wonderful World of 2-wheels, @taymaishu!
  15. Welcome Tay. I don't know how the system works down south but I wouldn't go rushing to ride to Canberra straight away. Get a few Ks under your belt with some shorter rides and spend some time at the learner sessions mentioned above. Enjoy.
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  16. There's a lot of good roads between Sydney and Canberra to ride. If money is no object I'd suggest CB400. If money is an object then get a second hand one.
  17. Hi guys!
    @BOB88R - thank you for the warm welcome :)
    @Midlifer - definitely not thinking of going to Canberra on the bike anytime too soon
    brmmm - Thank you for the suggestion! Yes, plenty of good roads down there and also around Canberra. I'm not a fan of nakeds (unless of the female variety), hence why I'd like to stick to the sports bikes for now.
  18. Hey D,

    Thanks heaps mate. I am definitely planning to get down to Homebush once i've got the ability and confidence to ride there. I'm planning on doing my HART course before the end of this month and RKT ASAP after that.

    I'm based in St Ives :)


  19. welcome to NR Tay!

    do visit Homebush once you've got your bike & license ... great place to chat with a few NR riders & check out the other bikes. plenty of good, sensible & life-saving advice here as well.

    see you on the roads one day!