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G'day from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Cosimo_Zaretti, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm a Sydney based L plater getting around on a '95 GS500. I'm in my second year holding a learner's permit and just finished my first week of actually owning a bike. Other than a couple of weeks on a scooter in Bali that's the sum total of my on road experience.

    I'm loving the GS, just seems to go where it's pointed, although I'm hardly pushing it hard. I've been getting a ride in every day, in the patches of sun we've been getting. The first couple of hundred Ks on my "new" bike have exposed a few mechanical niggles, and I'm looking forward to having something to tinker with. Used to do all my own work on my first car, moved on to more reliable vehicles, so my spanners were collecting rust.

    Hoping to go for a ride with some like minded (and patient) individuals.

  2. Welcome and top choice of "new" bike. There are plenty supporters of the mighty gs here.

    See if you can get along to one of the training days in Homebush if you can.

    Otherwise if you are in the inner west and just want to have a gentle slow going local ride let me know.
  3. Sounds awesome, I'm in Balmain.
  4. G'day mate and welcome

    Check out the NSW Rides and Events sub forum for info on the Learners sessions. They are starting up this week again I believe.

    Fun Ha!
  5. Yeah I met a rider the other night who was telling me about the Homebush sessions, which is what got me onto netrider. I'll try and make the next one.
  6. welcome in :)
  7. G'day dude and welcome (y)