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G'day from Sydney...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Malfunction, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. G'day all, Names malcolm. I got my L's and Ninja 250R bout 4 weeks ago.
    Lovin the bike, best decision ive made in a looong time..

    Im lookin for mates to go riding with, build up confidence, and learn more on the road. I get out as often as i can, and im ALWAYS up for a fang. Too keen for my own good...
    Im free most days, as i only work part time.

    Hit me up if u wanna go for a ride.

  2. welcome mate come along to the learners sessions on sat if u can make it
  3. G'day Mal


    Come and say Hi at the Homebush sessions on Saturday most weekends at 1:00PM. Check out the NSW ride events forum for more info.

    Fun Ha!

    *edit* Beaten by a two-stroke :p
  4. Gday Malcolm, u made it to Netrider, :) how was your trip home on Sunday from Loftus? was good meeting you, see u at Homebush when u get the chance to get there :)
  5. Hey guys, Yeah ill definately come along on saturdays.
    Is anything on this sat? I finish work around 2:30, so by the time i get out that way will be round 3:45ish..
    will that be a bit late?
  6. Yeah mate, was good meeting u guys too. Was a good day out at loftus. Made it home in one peice. Started spittin down around brighton, but i took it easy, and avoided them white strips on the road that deano told me about...
  7. Homebush starts at 1pm and finishes around 2:30pm so looks like u will miss it
  8. Hey g'day and welcome! Awesome bike, had one just like it and loved it!
  9. Welcome 'Bra Boy'
  10. I'm getting writer's cramp typing "Welcome" :LOL:

    But I'll do it anyway.....