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gday from sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stormtrooper06, May 31, 2010.

  1. Gday all.
    Looks like a great site, just got back on 2 wheels after a few years:biker:
    Will have to keep an eye out for a ride or 2 in sydney

  2. welcome to the forum.
  3. Welcome :)

    Picked a lousy wet May to get back on two wheels, eh? :LOL:
  4. Howdy!
    Is your license still current? Welcome to netrider!
  5. G'day mate and welcome

    Fun Ha!
  6. more SydneySiders, yippee, welcome bud
  7. Are we Sydneysiders in the minority on NR?

    Btw, welcome man. Newbie here too :).
  8. your not wrong, it is so annoying](*,) wetest may in history apparantly.
  9. Bloody rain.

    Good morning Stormy - what sorta bike you on?

  10. Netrider is full of those gayfl supporters :D
  11. Rofl :LOL:.
  12. On a firestorm, VTR1000f. Just have'nt been ON it enough.
    Only managed to do a couple hundred k's on her so far, but very happy with it
  13. Welcome stormtrooper. A few more members and we'll start our own political party!
  14. Welcome to Netrider, Stormtrooper :)