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G'day from Sth Gippy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jaxman, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. gday all, thought I should say ello, had a gander at a couple of threads here not long ago and thought I should join in on the madness. As the title states I'm in the Sth Gippsland region and have been riding these wonderful roads a couple of years now and b4 that was about 12 years ago back in the UK. Looking forward to picking ya nuts on a variety of topics and maybe even meet up with some you. JaxMan YNWA

  2. Lol this could get interesting ;) but just for clarity nut=head, but I'm hoping that was already crystal.
  3. Welcome to NR...
  4. Nutd.
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  5. Cheers all, looking like I've come to the right place.
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  6. Welcome to Nutrider!
  7. Where abouts in South Gippy are you from?

    I tend to spend a bit of time down that way
  8. Cheers lads, slowly getting acquainted with this place, nut house full of fruit cakes would be an apt description of how I currently view it lol.

    I'm in Loch mate, if u were to draw a triangle using Loch Nyora Grantville I'd be in the middle.
  9. I ride past Loch every time I head to Leongatha
  10. If your heading to Gatha past this way there are some brilliant back roads to ride with little traffic and you don't have to watch your clocks so much, I'm not talking race track speeds but you move along at a brisk pace and not worry too much. But it does make trips a wee bit longer
  11. Is that heading through Nyora and Poowong into Korumburra?

  12. Yeah, take Lang lang turn off at shell servo then stay on that road till u hit the strezlecki hwy, then ur choices open up a bit, u don't have to go into burra u can hit grand ridge road, nice stretch of tarmac. Or there's lots of others I dnt know the names off lol, I know where they are and where they go and which ones have dirt.

    Or when u come into nyora turn left at the train tracks, follow till u hit the south gippy, left, then 500 metres dwn the road turn right, nyora st helier road it is, go down there, wave high to me as u go past the first winery, then u will hit a Y junction and take ur pick, so many roads, so many corners, sweepers, switchbacks, decent hair pins, wooden bridges out of nowhere to test ur reaction time,lol, uphill, downhill, single lane, half lane in spots. But an absolute ball to be had. And if u do kinda get lost, pick a direction and keep hearing that way till u hit a highway. Blessed to have it all as my playground.
  13. Yep, so many options, all lead somewhere or you could loop around to the starting point not taking the same road.

    Jax, also a great place to grow up..
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  14. @wobbly sauce@wobbly sauce spot on mate, my lad is going to have a completely different upbringing and environment to mine only similaritys between London liverpool and loch is the first letter lol.

    @danny_tb@danny_tb the toad is only round the corner so to speak. 10 min ride, and the owner of 1 of the best vfr800's I've ever seen. The work he has done on that is amazing.
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  15. Welcome jaxman, I'm only 20 mins from Loch towards Wonthaggi, born and bred here and yes, there's a truck load of awesome back roads all around this neck off the woods, this area is my backyard and I'm still finding great roads to explore
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  16. Cheers @brusa@brusa can't believe how many people that are on Netrider are from or pass through this part of the world. There's me thinking I was all alone out here lol. If you see a loon on a lil purple/yellow cbr give the lad a wave, he's alright that lad. Probably looks like he doesn't have a clue but he is happy in his helmet and when no one else is about I think he pretends to be a combo of crutchlow/Marquez lol.

    As for the roads there epic, there was 1 I found a while ago that I haven't found since then, was off loch Wonthaggi road near sheep ways road I think. Anyway it had only just been sealed but was km after sweet km of sweepers, that just felt brilliant to ride flicking side to side, with just enough straight bits here and there to wind out 3rd-4th b4 dropping into another set. At least that's how I remember that day lol.
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    Dnt think so but not totally sure, doesn't that stop at loch Wonthaggi road? But now I think about its pretty much straight across from it, u kinda turn left onto Loch Wonthaggi then right onto wat Eva this road is, so u could b right. I could open maps but that's going to take the fun out of randomly searching for it and just turning wherever I want lol.

    Ok @wobbly sauce@wobbly sauce looks like you could be right, didn't look great on the map but if it's the 1 it was a pretty nice ride, not real technical or challenging but a lot of fun. Cheers mate. Oh also I have your neck tube thingy too. Used my new 1 the other day they do a half decent job.