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G'Day from some northern newbies !!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by mick_n_sal, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hey Folks,

    Thought I'd drop in and say Hi. We've been lurking here for a couple of months and thought it was about time we signed up.

    New to bikes - ( Mid life crisis??? ) She has a '99 model Virago 250
    and I've got a 2000 model baby Bandit.

    Both done Q-Ride through Stay Upright - She's redoing it due to confidence issues. ( but lots of saddle time has solved those.)

    Having a blast & looking forward to seeing some of you on the road

  2. Welcome to NR guys :)

    Can empathise with Sal on the confidence stuff lol easily solved though.

    We need pics though, post some up when you get a chance ;)
  3. a big NR welcome to you two too :grin:
  4. welcome to you both :)
  5. Hi & Welcome to NR both of you :dance:
  6. Welcome to Netrider!

    We're new to Cairns and I've done a few rides, but still exploring! Have you been out and about much?
  7. Been in Cairns since '96.

    Have worked most places in the far north ( State Govt Employee )

    Until now we've seen it from 4WDs. Now we get to see it from a different perspective.

    We're at Edmonton, near Sugarworld

  8. Welcome to NR

    If you are having a mid life crisis then what am I having. I got my Learners last month at the tender age of 53.

    I also have a Virago - the 2000 model and am enjoying it.

    Been taking it easy and did my first ride out of the car park last night, previously my daughter was riding the bike there for me. It wasn't as scary as I thought, there are things that you need the road to practice but plenty that I think I will still need to brush up on i the car park.