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Gday from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by deregular, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. From Modbury way in RADelaide and just got the L's a month or so ago. Have been reading netrider for a while, and figured I should probably say hi.

  2. Hi.

    And welcome to the madhouse we call NetRider. (y)
  3. Welcome, from another croweater. Come on in and stir the pot.
  4. Hi & congrats on getting your L's :applause:
  5. so....new guy..the ladies wanna know - are you hot?
  6. Welcome aboard, more south Aussies the better.
  7. Not necessarily so.
  8. Touché.
  9. See you've met our resident siht stirrer, Blabbs?
    Welcome fella.

  10. Cheers for the welcomes guys!
  11. Hi and welcome [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION] lies he's really the one that wants to know :bolt:

    Good to see another South Aussie around :)
  12. Gidday from 10 minutes away )
  13. Hi and welcome to NR. What do you ride?
  14. i dunno how many times i need to say i'm not south australian. *shakes head*
  15. Some of us suspect you were born their and later transplanted here .

    and hell yah , welcome too the nutride , its addictive