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G'day from s/e qld

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tezza blackbird, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all..Been checking the site out for a little while,how good is it :dance:
    still riding offroad (ktm 450) and just sold my 99' tenere. Got myself a 2003honda blackbird luv it, now need to get my unrestricted licence sorted out .Some excellent info and tips already taken and look forward to putting them to practice .Im not a big poster but a keen browser,also would like to hook up with similar riders on local rides and getting the feel for the new bike
    Cheers ...Tezza :)

  2. Welcome to netrider !
    Good to have another Queenslander :)
  3. welcome mate :)
    where abouts on the coast are you ??? im near beenleigh
  4. Welcome Tezza! Blackbird is a great looking bike. :)
  5. Thanks and g'day guys.Not off to a good start 1st post thursday night,fri morning 1x bike stolen and other gear shed damaged and fence cut Plenty of posting since,if you get a chance check out bike stolen section. fingers crossed get it out there you never know....Cheers Tezza.
  6. No good, Tezza. I'm down the road in Pimpama .. I actually have been keeping an eye out, especially around the housing developments. Loads of kids with bikes zooming around today. Terrible luck, mate. I hope it does get recovered.