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G'day from Redcliffe

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blood nut, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Just saying hello :){~ getting a vn1500 Classic and am reading up on forums to see pros and cons. from where I am standing the pros far out weigh the cons. Have nearly paid one off. Only 1350 more to pay,,,yea ha!

  2. Welcome. You're nearly a Brisbane member ; )

    Any nice rides out that way or will you be joining us for group rides?
  3. welcome to NR :)
  4. I like the glass house mountains, am mostly a loner but always enjoy a group ride with sensible bikers, my days of speed are over hence why I am buying a cruiser, my last bike was an XJ900 and it went like the clappers, the only problem with me is the faster it goes the faster I wanna go, not good when riding on public roads, anyways, t/c
    :){~ Thanx for the welcome
  5. get a Trials bike and smash up the skate park at Redcliffe with reckless abandon
  6. G'day nut.
  7. G'day Mcsenna ya ol geezer, mendosi, goddie n tack, and mick I ride a skateboard on the skate bowl, thats what it made for and Gawd bless Spike :){~
  8. I lived about 200 meters from the skate bowl about 5 years ago. Snapped my Kryptonics deck there. It was a sad day but the deck was 25 years old!
    Went to a smaller width Duane Peters 'Emergency' deck with Pig Radials underneath and cut loose in a whole new way !
  9. Welcome in Mr Nut!