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gday from perth!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gonz1, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. gday all, :D
    just checking out your forum, correct me if im wrong but it seems mostly eastern staters, im wondering how many of you are from perth :?:

  2. Hi!!! Welcome!! A lot of us are Victorians with a smattering of other states.

    :D :D :D
  3. Welcome aBoard Gonz1!

    I'm ex-Perth (been over here 3 1/2 years), but the West still feels like home.

    So what are you, North or South ? I'm North (Sorrento/Duncraig).
  4. Hi there Gonz1. Welcome.

    Beautiful riding weather you have over there. :)
    *very jealous*

  5. Hey gonz1,

    Perth was kinda my home town . but haven't lived there for 8 years, my parents, and siblings do
    though,. down in rockingham.

    Beautiful spot, just not enough choice in my line of work :(
  6. lol UNNNLUCKY Gonz1. WA! Bwahahaha :D :p

    Welcome to the forum anywayz hehe ;) :)
  7. Gday and welcome to the site mate. Good to see a Perth person on board. Get the word out mate and increase the numbers from the W.A guys.

  8. g'day all another newbie here an a perthie too hehe we have the best weather i reckon
    still lookin for my first bike but have a bit of experience on mates bikes an hassling the heck outta bike shops lol glad i finally found a great local site
  9. No reckoning about it - its true! Especially for biking - 3 months of wet and cold (predicatable) and 9 months of warm and fine (predictable). Gotta love it!
  10. Welcome aboard Gonz1 & Horse
  11. G'day Gonz1 and horse welcome!!!

    I can already see that we have another post whore on our hands with horse, keep em coming mate!!!
  12. Hi Gonz and welcome,

    I lived in Perth for about 14 years (parents and brother are still there - Wembley Downs), but am in Sydney now. Looking forward to going back at Christmas!
  13. gday to the perth riders,i hope to be there for a week in decenmber
  14. Hiya and Welcome. Good to see some bod's from the other side...
  15. Hey gonz, welcome to the forums :)
  16. Hi gonz , welcome the the forum . U will fit in fine as long as u dont ride an across.
  17. gday to all, yes its a great place to ride weather wise, the only thing is that unlike you guys all our fun roads are inland, so while your out there not only do you need to make sure you make the corner or your off into ruggered bush and its never pretty but there is heaps of wild life too,
    i do miss my nsw roads havin grown up in sydney, i also miss the variety of tracks i had there, here we just have wanneroo raceway(V8 super cars race there!)its ok and its just been resurfaced but not as fast as say eastern creek or phillip island :cry:
    but we do have great bike scene here, we are pretty close nit but always growing :wink:
    we now have what you guys already have..."anti hoon laws" now this is a crock of shite, it all came about when ch7 today tonight came along and exposed local extreme riders carving up local streets and freeways and making videos as you do :D
    knee jerk reaction was to speed up the anti hoon law....also for those of you who dont know our speed cameras take the photo from the...wait for it...the front :LOL: i kid you not :!:
    so we have been getting away with quite abit for some time now and were just pissed at the changes :cry:
    but you get that,
    cheers for the replies yall,
  18. Yeah Gonz, but remember - WA speed camera also have a bright flouro yellow sign about 3ft past the camera saying "you have just gone through a radar" (like you can't see the sign from about 400m away) AND the vans they roll around in are a "Mitsubishi Speed Camera" model with a VERY distinct rear windscreen, which they park next to the camera. AND, if it weren't enough, they have the same favourite haunts...

    Getting done by a camera in WA can be a real effort. Fortunately they still have cops in the bushes with a gun and a pursuit car 500m down the road in places, otherwise the intelligent motoring public might not get their yearly fines.
  19. cheers all for the welcome an as for the post whore i will try my best ok lol
    gotta love that slower rate of progress over here huh :D take it easy all
  20. Gday from Queensland :D

    Welcome... Stay safe
    Lisa :twisted: