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G'day from Patterson Lakes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by UrbanItMan, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Newbie to the forum here. I am an old rider, but after a serious accident in the early 2000's, I let the bike go.. Now, I feel I'm ready to ride again.. This time is for fun and little commuting.. Would love to chat or meet with other riders whenever possible.

    I look forward to exchanging ideas, information and advice with all.
  2. Welcome UrbanItMan
  3. Welcome. Head over to Saturday practice in Elwood if you want to meet NRs - lots there.
  4. Thanks CJVFR and Greydog.. will definitely checkout the Sat practice.
  5. Yes some of them are even respectable. ;)
  6. I'm sold!.. Can't say no to hanging with cool people specially when some of them are respectable. =D
  7. welcome to NR, theres a ride to Daylesford this sunday, check the rides forum, great day out
  8. G'day. Maybe older than you (who the fcuk cares) but been on 2 wheels for a couple of years. So welcome. I just love it!
  9. G'day Petesul.. older than me you reckon?.. I dunno about that, I'm in the 'Ancient' category, but as you say, who the fcuk cares. Thanks for the welcome mate and I'm glad you're having the two wheel fun.
  10. Welcome to NR, and welcome back to riding...
  11. Welcome, and good on you for getting back on again :)
  12. Welcome UrbanItMan.

    I cannot recommend Saturday practise more highly, often a short ride afterwards.

    Also keep an eye on the Sunday Learners ride thread, they are always good fun.
  13. Welcome back to the fold! Nothing wrong with growing old disgracefully on two wheels!
  14. so what is an "OLD RIDER" ?
  15. welcome back and aboard :]
  16. An old rider would correct your English to make it gooder. It is not "what is", it is "who is", OH FCUK, I'm doin' it, I must be an old rider!
  17. Wow.. more welcomes.. what a friendly crowd.. Thanks all.

    Now, an 'Old Rider' is someone who used to ride when he was young and foolish.. in my case, I decided to get back into riding as I got old and still foolish.. I was young and foolish, not because I rode motorcycles, but because of the THE WAY I rode motorcycles.. I am old now, but I know I might still want to ride like I used to.. which really makes me foolish, but I think I'll get away with it this time coz I wont be wearing a fake helmet made out of mesh paper and kitchen foil.. This time I actually bought a real one!

    Petesul, Granted!.. Gooder English is an old rider thing.. Right on! :)
  18. Welcome, see you around
  19. You bet.. cheers mate.
  20. Don't know if I am an old rider now, didn't do it when I was young and foolish (did the foolish bit, but). What shall I do?
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