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G'Day from Orange

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by j0shman, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im not yet a rider, but ive made it this years resolution...any help and info I can get from this website will be appreciated. If I meet any riders from the Orange or Bathurst regions, it would be nice to meet you and go for a ride sometime. Cheers!

  2. Hey mate .. I'm from Orange.. I just joined.. and my name is Josh too. WTF?!

    No bike as yet though.. not for quite some time I'm afraid :(
  3. You need not to create two accounts and pretend to talk to yourself Josh :p

    What you using the bike for, daily commutes?
  4. Welcome to NR j0shman, youre one step closer to happiness, it only takes 2 wheels and you get a huge :)
  5. First warning: Watch out for wildlife! Out in your area if you go down it could be hours before anyone finds you!

    In saying that I rode from Melbourne to Cowra, and some road past Albury was really country, incredibly twisty, no posted limits, and probably the best fun I've ever had!
  6. Welcome to NR. (y)

    First advise: That's a resolution you should not break. :)
  7. Cheers guys, im hoping to get a nice bike for weekend stuff, and for looking to get some cheap thrills. Theres plenty of nice twistys out my way (coupled with rough tarmac :( ) that should prove much fun.

    If anyone knows a good sports bike for a 90kg 5'11 rider, that would be much appreciated for your insights :)