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G'day from Newy :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by odyxo, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    Well just a quick post to introduce myself, I'm 24 female from Newcastle in NSW.
    I've been riding for just under 4 years now, started out on a mate's GPX, then bought myself a GS500F in early 2006. I've still got her (her name is T-Bone, a totally inappropriate name for a bike, I know). My husband also rides, he had an R1 that got stolen early last year and we're looking to buy him a new bike (he's my house-husband while he's at uni so I'll actually be paying for the whole thing!) which I will also ride, it'll likely be a GSXR1000, which we'll probably get in November (we're doing test rides next weekend). But I'll keep T-Bone for a while anyway as I don't think I'll be 100% comfortable on the gixxer for a while :)
    That's about all I can think to say, let me know if I'm meant to give some other info!
    Love the forum, have been lurking at work today and yesterday but figured I should actually contribute something!

  2. From a fellow Novacastrian, Welcome!
  3. gday from lambton \:D/ would be great to see a GSXR1000 at uni soon! catchya around
  4. G'day from an ex Tighes Hillier! Hubby sounds like a lucky man, a wife who buys him a bike! Tough life he's got.

    I miss newie :cry:
  5. Ah, Newcastle, I was up there on the weekend, and the more it changes the more it stays delightfully the same.

    Welcome to Netrider :).
  6. G'day from an ex-Cooks Hiller!! :LOL:

    I just got back from there two hours ago and will go up for the next 2 weekends too...yep unfortunately I'm in the age bracket where everyone is getting married :mad:

    Haha enjoy the test rides ;)
  7. Thanks for the welcome all!
    And since we're going suburb specific, I'm not technically from Newcastle, I'm from Mayfield. I shouldn't try to pretend to be classier than I am should I? hahah

    And yeah my husband is lucky I am buying him a bike, I keep teasing him and telling him we're getting it with personalised plates that say my name hahah. Sleazy bugger would probably tell chicks at lights that its his bike's name anyway! :roll: hehehe
  8. Nothing wrong with Mayfield; I spent many a happy night in the Roxy Theatre at Mayfield :LOL:.
  9. and the Stag does one of the best feeds in town i reckon! nothing wrong with good old mayfield! :cool:
  10. Welcome Aboard !!!
    Sorry to hear about hubby's R1 .. that stuff sucks :evil:
  11. i lived in church street, mayfield for a bit.

    and consequently I can tell you, yes, there are definatly some things wrong with mayfield!

    ...like the (totally and utterly hammered) guy who tried to break in to my back window. He ended up cutting himself so badly on the glass he left in an ambulance...
  12. Yeah its a bit dodgy Junglist... although I hate to tell you, the R1 and our WR both got stolen from Carrington! :?
  13. pfft Tighes Hill was rougher than Mayfield! :LOL: :LOL:

    But that Carrington place :shock: :shock:
  14. haha yeah, caro's got its charms thats forsure.


    where abouts in carrington were the bikes stolen from? i'll remember to avoid that spot like the plague!
  15. Victoria St, it comes off the main rd near the shops. Our house was on the corner of Vic st and Doran st (is the tall white one, you can see it from the main rd :p). The WR was literally stolen out of our backyard when my husband was coming to visit me at work one lunch time, he was gone for 45 mins and when he came back it was gone. The neighbours had seen the guy wheel it out but because he had a helmet on they just thought it was one of us (this was when I lived in a share house where all 5 of us rode).
    The R1 is a whole other story that makes me much angrier, it was stolen by a little dero piece of shit that lived on Doran St. My husband was selling the bike, this guy was interested. He took it for a test ride (gave my husband his licence obvs) and said he was keen but he'd have to get the money up. We said fine, we'd give him a month (he said someone owed him money, we presumed he was a drug dealer, that should have been our sign not to sell it to him but we needed the money!). He'd often walk past our house, chat to my husband if he was in the yard, etc. Seemed pretty trash but nice enough if you could ignore the extremely loud arguments he'd have with his gf about their crying child. Anyway, one night he comes over, says he has got the money. I hated talking to this guy, gave me the creeps (another sign!) so I went upstairs. My husband was talking to him for a while, then he came inside, seemed a bit odd. I asked him what was wrong. He said the guy had said he needed to go get the money from Mayfield so he asked if he could take the bike. My idiot husband let him (he was far too trusting back in the day). Obviously, we NEVER saw that bike again. What pissed me off the most (other than my husband letting him do it, when HE COULD HAVE DRIVEN HIM IN OUR CAR) is that the little ****er obviously had it planned, because clearly when my husband realised he wasn't coming back he decided to go to the little shits house (which was 3 doors down) and the whole place had been cleaned out. My husband was ridiculous angry. I cried (cos I'm a girl and I'm allowed to) and I am still grieving over the whole thing (it happened in Feb last year). :(

    The kid ended up getting done for armed robbery (we did report the bike stolen) but he refused to talk about the bike with the cops, they reckon he either crashed it or stripped it for parts (*sob*) but didn't want something else added to his offences.

    Other than that, I liked Carro. But we were cut pretty deep after that (I do realise my husband is largely to blame, the only good thing that came of it is that at least he isn't as trusting of everyone... although I'd rather that lesson didn't come at the cost of an R1 which we are still paying off and which wasn't insured for theft).

  16. ouch.

    a good one i've whitnessed was a mate of mine that moved to cooks hill from tighes hill but was still in the process of shifting his stuff across to the new place. He had his car stolen from cooks hill, which he found a day or so later around the corner from his old place when he went back to get some stuff.

    i guess people don't generally 'shop' in their own neighbourhood.
  17. Yep I used to drive a big black statesman when I lived in TH. One night at the TH Social [ist] Club I was approached to see if I wanted to get involved in a "job". They ahd assumed I was a drug dealer because I had a flash car! Sorry to say I did not let them down and mumbled about not doing business in my own backyard! I was a Telstra exec at the time. :grin: