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Gday from Newy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bear1100, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Thought i would say hello and introduce myself, in the inerest of being friendly and all.

    I live in Newcastle and i am 31. I have a two great young kids(1YO and 2YO, DONT ASK WHAT I WAS THINKING!)

    I now ride a ZZR1100D after my wife finally agreed (after years of politely asking) to going for a run on the back and promptly fell in love with it. So in a matter of a week my beloved TL1000S was gone and she had a helmet and jacket and my most loved pastime has now become our pastime!

    Truth be told i love the big Z , it is big, comfy and even after all these years still goes like stink. After the TL, a 90's Blade, a Speed Triple.......etc. , it is like a lounge chair but still allows me to have a bit of a scratch when the missus is absent. I think it is my perfect bike(not bad for 5 grand!)

    I am a bike nut and love all from classics to new but i find myself drawn to 90's sports bikes as they were the beasts i would drool over when i was a lowly apprentice and was commuting on my clapped out TZR250. I now see why my uncles etc. still drool when they see a machIII or a z1, as these were the icon bikes when they grew up.

    So i am always up for a ride if anyone in the area is interested and i hope to spend some time chewing the fat and finding some other like minded riders(my riding mates are thinning as kids and mortgages come along) !! :grin:

  2. hi and welcome to NR * hands ya a spare bib* :grin:
  3. Cheers Bubbly. Is the bib for my kids or because my 1st post was dribble? :LOL:
  4. hmm i think more for ur first drool over ya bike lol :p
  5. Welcome to Netrider :). I got my first bike in the Hunter Valley (Denman) in 1974, and went to school at Booragul in the early 60s and college at Tahlee in 69-70. Love the Hunter region.

    Some of NSW Events (check the forum area) make their ways up to the Valley; keep an eye out for them and come and join in.
  6. G'day and welcome - great that you've got the missus on board too - literally - Sounds like she may want the front seat b4 too long!

    Re the kids - No Worries!! they'll be off yr hands in what only 25 years or so - piece of cake - :shock: Seriously though - enjoy them - little kids are the best fun ( I got 2 grand kids 4 & 5 )

    ( I can laugh - my 2 22 & 25 are still here :( :eek: :cry: :roll: :?
    all the above emoticons apply - often several at the same time!

    Have Fun
  7. Thanks for the welcome.

    Yeah we have a long way to go with the kids. Imagine how much houses will be in another 20 years?? They wont be able to afford to move out until they are 50! (sigh :cry: )

    Good news is i can still get out on the bike and blow out the cobwebs, so it aint all bad. Its this mans sanity saver.

    Dude - I have a 1 month old and a 13 month old... I was probably thinking much the same as you ;)

    I'm hoping to schedule some sleep sometime around June.

  9. Hi Bear, welcome to NR!

  10. hey Rick if u got one of each maybe we can team em together with my 22 year old girl and 35 year old boy! lol
  11. Welcome Bear :grin:
    There are a few of us about here from Newcastle. Occasion coffes etc get done. might see ya around.

    My kids 14 & 16 now , enjoy the little ones it gets worse as they get bigger :wink: .

    I'd say your uncles have drooled at my old girl (bike) I've been riding around town ( and all over) for 23 years now :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Thanks for the welcome mate. No it would be me drooling over your Darmah. My fav all time Duke. Everone goes on about the SS but i love the SD. Please tell me it is the black and gold!?

    Is that your main ride? It is a labour of love to keep the old bevels reliable. But well worth it i imagine. I would love to see it if the opportunity arises. cheers.
  13. :angel: Yup its Black and Gold :cool: .
    PM if you wanna come and drool :wink: or this is me www.dmme.com.au
    I get bugger all time for ride but do try commute 3 days on her.
    Its a labour of love whenever attention is needed. (Clutch at the mo)
    I fell in love with the 750SS back in '72/3 when I used to watch one blast past every day when I waited for the school bus at Marks' Point. Then in "78 saw the B&G Darmah and that was it.
    I've added an MHR fairing (in Black) to make her a little different
    See ya 'round town.