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G'day from Newtown

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ac17, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hi there - I'm new to all things bikes, and this forum.
    I'm going for my L's in Clyde nxt month.
    Then I'll start looking for a bike.

    Man - there's SO many to choose from:

    I'm looking to spend about $3500 on the bike and a helmut and leathers.

    Any suggestions?

    (BTW, I'm 164 cms, and 60 Kgs. - Tiny)

  2. hi and welcome to NR
  3. Hello and welcome - I'm a noob as well.

    Wish I could help you there with some experience (of which I have none), but judging from my internet research (I am booked in at Clyde 24/25 May and have been surfing the internet for motorbike info like a madman) it would appear that Suzuki GN250, Virago 250 and Honda CB250 might be suitable in that budget and this stage in your riding career...

    Oh, how I miss Istanbul on King and having a drink at the Marly (more commonly the other way round) - lived in that area when I was a much younger lad!
  4. g'day genius :wink:

    offer paddy $3000 for his zzr250 - (then you'll be riding his bike as well as driving his car). buy a helmet for $400 bucks, and don't be so stingy on clothing.

    kevlar jeans for $130

    or cheap, good qwol leather suit from states (coz their dollar is shite) $480

    or cheap Rjays jackets.$99-$300+

    and read what the motorcycle council says about saftey gear:

    it'll give you good tips on what to look for when buying gear (stitching, CE approvals, protection hot spots etc)