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G'day from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CHRISO600, May 12, 2016.

  1. Hello, apparently I have to come in here and say hi to everyone .....Hi....Ok, cheers, bye.

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  2. welcome aboard :) bye
  3. That's a good boy, does as he's told and polite one as well (y) Welcome dear :happy: See yah!
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate.
  5. Welcome to NR. And now the question............where is cranky corner.
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  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Welcome!
  8. gday CHRISO600CHRISO600 welcome to NR!

    that's a funny opening post lol
  9. Aloha CHRISO600CHRISO600 !

    Cranky corner? Do tell ! Where is it? :)

    What about your bike/experience ... Don't leave us in suspense. Do share ...
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  10. Welcome (also from Newcastle). Cranky corner rd is out the back of Singleton I believe. Never been there — sounds like I wouldn't agree with it.
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  11. I'd like to thank all nine of you for making me feel so welcome and part of the gang, words escape me at the moment.
    Dr Sleepy is correct, Cranky Corner is on the back roads between Lambs Valley and Singleton, a very beautiful part of the world especially the early mornings and afternoons...... I'm guessing about the morning bit.
    Valvoline...What is this "Bike/Experience" you speak of? Another membership obligation no doubt?
    Thank you Fr33dm for noticing my exemplary manners.
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