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G'day from new member in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Studebaker Hoch, May 23, 2015.

  1. Hi

    My name is Shaun and I have just joined the forum under my business name, Full Load Motorcycle Transport. While I'm happy to offer my services I am really here as a rider though.

    I had my first crash at around 18 months old (thanks Dad!) and have been doing pretty much the same thing for the next 50 years since then. For most of the time it's been on the dirt and more specifically Dirt Track racing which I still do today.

    I have had a few road bikes over the years with my latest, a CBR1100XX Blackbird, being traded on a new Triumph Tiger 800XCX. I've reached the stage in my life where it's time to back off the throttle a little and enjoy the scenery.

    Anyhoo enough about me. I look forward to talking with you and perhaps going for a ride sometime.


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  2. Welcome to Netrider, Shaun. If you'd like to discuss becoming a Netrider Vendor with Mouth, you could then freely advertise your business as well.. Irrespective, your views and your long motorcycling history are most welcome here.
  3. Thanks for the welcome hornet. I'll look into the vendor thing. More than happy to contribute where I can.
  4. welcome aboard :]
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  5. Hey Shaun, welcome to NR. I'm sure there'll be a thread somewhere where you can push your business. No doubt some of the members may call upon you at some time or other
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  6. G'day and welcome to NR Shaun. Being on the 'wrong' side of the mountains I never know when I might need motorcycle transport after buying a new bike in Sydney (although next time I should probably ride it back home).
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  7. Welcome mate