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G'day from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MH, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. G'day everyone.
    Great forum, it has already answered many of my questions - Thanks to the bloke that rides a cruiser who told me about it out the front of the Elizabeth Street bike shops a few weeks ago.
    Anyway I'm Mark and I'm in Pascoe Vale South in Melbourne. I got my Ls about a month ago, and got my first bike about two weeks ago. I decided to take a gamble with the new Yamaha Scorpio. It was as cheap or cheaper than half of the 2nd hand bikes I was looking at, so I grabbed one - I know it's nothing special, just a simple bike that's easy to ride (which is what I was after for my first bike). I haven't even put 100km on it yet! Living on very busy roads (also relatively unfamiliar roads for me - I only moved into the area a few months ago) and the current wet weather hasn't made it too inviting for a learner! If anyone in the area is ever up for a slowish local ride let me know, even if you're another learner. I'm not after tuition or anything, just someone to ride with! I've read the threads about the group rides, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I think I may have seen the St. Kilda ride last Thursday from my car. At about 21:30 I was waiting at the lights on Sydney Road at the Bell Street intersection (Coburg) and about 50 bikes (that's what it seemed liked!) rode along Bell St travelling west towards the freeway. Would that have been you guys?
    Anyway I hope to meet up with plenty of you over the coming years - I only have one friend that rides, and that's on the 50cc scooter that is currently broken! I noticed that there is a Sunday coffee night in Preston, I will have to come along to that some time.
    Anyway sorry about the excess of words - Late at night and too much coffee!

  2. Welcome aboard Mark.

    It is pretty daunting when you first start (especially with the huge amount of rain melbourne is apparently getting) but soon the clouds will part and a glorious paradise will await.

    Or at least peak hour on Bell St. :evil:
  3. Welcome to the forum Mark. Im sure you will find somone here that will be willing to cruise aroundwith you after all there are no shortage of enthusists here! Yep and isnt the Melbourne rain a bummer when you want to go for a ride. Wish it could come down buckets at night only when we're all sleeping.( Or most of us anyway!). Im from the west and Pacoe Vales not that far away, maybe me and my significant other will be able help out with riding comany at some stage because we dont usually take much prompting.!
  4. ^^What they said :grin:

    Welcome to the forums Mark, there is plenty of stuff on here for the new riders :) :cool:
  5. Just ride as much as you can and it'll soon feel like second nature :grin:

    and find some riders with similar experience which makes it more fun to get out regularly!
  6. welcome to the forum
  7. Welcome! I'd offer to hang out with you, but I'm moving back to Werribee in a month!
  8. Great first post, welcome and have fun.. :grin:
  9. :applause: Best advice ive herd yet! :applause:

    And welcome mate!, Glad to have you with us.
    Ride safe and have fun!