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g'day from Melbourne, Dandenong mountains.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by melbminh, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone. I only joined a few days ago, and after snooping around a bit i decided to say hi. I live around the Knox City area, pretty close to Mount Dandenong, so if anyone is nearby some rides would be great(once it stops raining).

    I started out on a Spada, went to an 08 R1, and now on a '10 R6.

    Only question i have is. Who is that chick on the gixxer 1000 in the background of our site? A member? :D
  2. Welcome MelbMinh, Ah yes the mysterious Gixxer Girl, a subject of much discussion since she appeared after the site upgrade. :)
  3. Welcome @melbminh. If I want to go for a few hrs short ride I go to dandenongs.
    We can always go together when the weather will get better, just PM me.
  4. Pucker up big boy.
    I'm the chick on the Gixxer
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  5. Gixxer chick, i was just curious as to who you were, never said i wanted to kiss ya. Just wanted to tell you, you've overdone your eyebrows a little. Hardly see 'em! Pretty eyes though.

    dnagir, yeah that would be good. Or maybe Toolangi-Healesville? Anyhow, not nice on the mountains when it has been raining. Will definitely organise a ride.
  6. Can i tag along...??? :woot:
  7. Sure as hell. Just a matter of a good weather and organising the ride :)
  8. I'll tag along too :) Welcome!
  9. Welcome to NR. :)

    Am not too far from Knox as well, but occasionally there are ride starts from corner Wellington/Stud corner as well.

    .. But yeah. See you around.
  10. Sweet, im not too far from there ! :riding: Now if anyone can make this rain stop we're good...:whistle: