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G'day from Manly

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Appoooh, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. G'day all,

    Six weeks ago I took my pre learner's on impulse and picked up a CB300F two weeks later. Appreciate that at 41 I'm practically a geriatric but having a blast on the bike nonetheless. I do still have the odd newbie/seniors moment but my skills are improving and I learn something new every time I ride. Biggest stumbling block for me is nervousness in traffic. Would love to meet some mature learners in Sydney and swap stories.


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  2. Welcome!
    it's never too late. and you could be on your full licence in 14 months :)
  3. G'day DavidDavid, welcome to Netrider. There are plenty of older new riders here; I'm one of them.

    I'd recommend attending the Saturday practice sessions at Homebush where you can pick up riding skills from experienced riders as well as meeting new riders.
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  4. Welcome. 41 isn't old my friend. Don't be looking for noobs to learn from..the blind leading the blind isn't a good thing. Go to Homebush if you can and you will get to practice the MOST, but more importantly put as many km on the bike as you can. There is only one real way to learn, and that is time in the seat.
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