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G'day from long time lurker

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kolaemcee, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    As the title implies, I've been lurking these forums ever since I got interested in riding, and joined in January but never posted until now lol.

    My name's Nick, 20yo UNSW student living in the St George area of Sydney. I've been riding since January but still on my L's - I've been pretty lazy to go get my P's but I'm finally feeling motivated to do so :p.

    First bike was a 1989 Yamaha FZR250 which I bought off Gumtree. Was fun at first but I dropped it a couple of times and was a nightmare ever since. Everything imaginable would go wrong with it - air filter issues, broken clutch, snapped throttle cable, all culminating with this nice little mess which occurred one morning riding on the M5 to uni for an exam:

    http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/6329/ripyam.jpg (can you not link to images directly?)

    Note the hole I've circled, lol.

    This only happened about 200m from the start of the tunnel, so I'm very grateful that didn't happen in there. Luckily I only lived around the corner and a tow that just happened to be passing by gave me a free lift home. Bike's still been rotting in the driveway ever since, and wasn't riding for 2 months until last week when I bought my mate's 2006 GS500F.

    Awesome bike, a dream to ride so far, but had a couple of scares locking up the rear. I've realised the Suzuki definitely needs a lot more front brake love than the Yammy. Took it for a cruise to Lithgow and back the other day - another big scare was almost being blown off the bike by a huge crosswind on the Gt Western coming into Lithgow.

    Anyway now that I'm out of my shell, I hope to meet and mingle with you all. Cheers!
  2. G'day Nick (another legend with the same name) ;)
    Welcome to Netrider mate.
  3. welcome in Nicko (maco or greek)
  4. G'day mate


    Fun Ha!
  5. Welcome to the forum Nick. I'm glad you didnt give up because of the problems with the first bike. I reckon many people would have. Its helpful for us noobs to hear of these types of problems so as not to emulate them.
  6. Welcome and likewise, congrats on your perseverance (y).
  7. Welcome Nicko!


  8. Sorry for late reply guys, haven't had the net as of late. Cheers for all the welcomes, and yep I love riding, was never gonna give it up! Loving the wannabe Gixxer so far. Got my Ps the other day so the bike looks a lot sexier without the L plate!
  9. Onya mate ! Well done on the P's (y)
  10. Welcome bud, and well done on the P's!