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G'day from Hobart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by johnmoz, May 21, 2012.

  1. G'day all.
    Bit of an odd story here I suspect, compared to most.

    Always been a so-called 'petrol head', I drive an M3 which I track fairly regularly, but never in 40 years of driving thought about riding a motorbike- until about a month ago. I was helping B-I-L tidy up an old BMW K100 tourer for sale when I got this little voice in my head niggling at me to have a go, so here I am.

    I picked up a really clean '95 Suzuki Across a couple of weeks ago, booked in for the next available pre- L's course next week and hopefully I'll have my L's by the end of the month. Away we go...

    Ultimately I'll be looking to get a nice BMW tourer- k1200LT or thereabouts and, well, go touring.

  2. Welcome to the world of motorcycles. (y) Sometimes it pays to hear that voice in your head... :p

    Tas has some wonderful roads...enjoy!
  3. Hey JM welcome aboard, I'm a new kid on block here as well. Spent 7 fabulous days driving fast around tassie in March in my old 380SL Merc, wow what fabulous roads. I am really looking forward to coming back on my bike, when I get it and learn how to ride it all over again that is.
  4. - Hey Mac
    Yeh I love the roads down here, my favourite is definitely the one from Launy to St Helens, especially around Sideling lookout. Wasn't long after I bought the M3 that I discovered how good it is done fast and having fun, don't think I got the grin off my face for days after that- lets make a pact to do it on the bikes sometime!

    Got on the Across today and rode it up and down the driveway, given I haven't sat on a motorbike for 40 years I was impressed - roll on learners so I can get out and into the practice!

    Loving this retirement lark...

  5. I know how you feel, trying to think of the road that pumped me up the most. I think I'd say the road to Strathgordon, that was spectacular. The thing that got me the most was the lack of traffic and even more importantly the lack of our friends in blue. I saw one on the whole trip and he stopped to have a look at the cars.
    What about the road into Queenstown, you come over the hill and it's like you landed on the moon, that is a weird place man.
    Cheers, look forward to seeing you down there one day.