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G'day from Gloucester way

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by aussiexbox_2007, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,I was a member in here ages ago,but not having the same email addy as last time I couldn't recover my details,so here we go again.
    I own a motorbike,(Can't say I ride it all the time,due to work...:-({|:]
    It's now known as a collectors item though so that's a good thing...haha,what with it being a Buell and all,I reide at the start of the Thunderbolts Way,which used to be a good ride before all the bloody log trucks destryed it in the wet.
    One of these days when I make my millions I will be able to ride when I want,anywhere I want,but until then I guess work will just keep on ruining a great day that could have been a ride day.
    See you around somewhere on the black stuff.

  2. welcome back bud
  3. Gday Phil, welcome mate.
    I grew up near Gloucester, lived in Bundook. Great memories of flying along dirt roads on an old DT125 held together with fencing wire and painted with green house paint.
  4. G'day Phil
    Good to see you here too.
    (from an old Ducati Darmah rider :angel:)
  5. Welcome (back) to the Jungle ;)
  6. 8-[ haha I'd be careful IS saying that you grew up in Bundook.........:D I heard they still have to remove the 2nd head on the babies out there.....LOL.
    I was a Gloucester boy through & through,but had 25 years away on various jobs,now back in the mines here.
    PS how long ago was it when you were in the Dook?
    Haha.....hello Dale,your a bit like me starting to on a few forums,one of these days I need to visit you for some work,one of these days.
  7. Any time Phil :)

    I'm here (home/work) near 24/7 now. Gave up working outside after the cancer treatment (sorted by the way, SO GO GET YOUR PSA tested), just riding when i get time between customers.