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G'day from Florida! *pix*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hi to all NR brothers & sisters :)
    After about 40 hrs I made it here to Mrs 2wheelsagain's base and office.
    Its bloody hot and humid (we have a pool :wink: ) and you have never seen squids like they have here. I have only seen 1 person wear a helmet. No matter what bike you have the road uniform seems to be shorts, t-shirt and sandles. :roll: I guess it is the land of the brave. :cool:

    I've called into a couple of bike shops and laid down some US cash for leathers. Even scored a full on fat bastard size leather jacket for $120 US and I have tried on a brand new ZX14 in black with a sticker price of $11090! I felt home on it to and I guess Typhoon will say I should lash out. Wish I could regardless of the name on the tank. Very nice....

    I hope the NR stacks have stopped and I'll check back at some stage to see whats going on. See you all in 3 weeks.


  2. Hey Chris, enjoy your time in the US, don't spend up too much :LOL:
  3. Re: G'day from Florida!

    Looks like a may have another fellow 14 rider.. :twisted: You know you want one .. :grin:
  4. It would be so hard not to spend up over there. :cool:
  5. How could you NOT spend up big while our dollar is doing so well against the US$ ??? Trust me, you owe it to yourself to do some serious shopping :LOL:
  6. Re: G'day from Florida!

    I must say the 14 felt nice and looked sweet in black. I have seen smaller exhausts on Mack trucks though. The can looked way to big but that could be changed :wink:
    If I lived here I'd have one at those prices. Looked at a 1250 Bandit too with a price of $8000 but liked the 14 better. Even Mrs 2wheels liked it.
    Typhoon would even welcome me to the "dark side".
  7. Sending a big 'HEY' to 2WA in the USA :grin:

    Sounds like you're having fun. Just remember: When in doubt - spend, spend, spend. Kerching! (well, maybe not) :cool:
  8. Wish we could say the crashes have stopped, but the process of lightening bikes and wallets while far from home continues unabated, unfortunately :(. Sounds like you're having fun, though. Piccies would be nice :).
  9. Re: G'day from Florida!

    Buy it! When you move back, pull it apart and send it over in small boxes labelled spare parts or machine parts.
    If it concerns you enough, just tape over the tank!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. How long you there for?
  11. Yes the stock cans are quite large so to speak.. But once you put a set of Two Bros on it you will feel more at ease.. Tell mrs 2wheels that its very comfy for a pillion.. :wink:
  12. morning chris :p

    one day, when they clear my record, i will be allowed in to the US :rofl:
    enjoy your time there ;)
  13. Melb on 25 Aug. After the Fkucing long trip over, we may be driving home the next day :wink:

    Joel, It's an experience! Off to Daytona Beach (mid summer :grin: ) Orlando and NASA in a couple of days. Will post some pix soon.

  14. My dad just re-located to Florida from CA in the last few weeks. Looking forward
    to seeing the holiday pix. :)
  15. Yeah, well life here in rural Brooksville FL has been pretty hectic and the holiday stuff has to fit in around Mrs 2wheelsagain's work so the pix are still coming :) We're up in NY next weekend and we'll have a couple of days off either side of then so we'll cram as much in as we can. I've been the only bloke here in 2 months and there is a lot of "bloke" jobs that need doing. What can I say, I'm needed :LOL:

    I drove in the dark for the first time last night....... That was an experience. Its actually harder than I thought in the dark. We're driving an upmarket GMC Yukon (almost new) that's a POS! Give me a Landcruiser Wagon any day.

    Have a good Monday.

  16. When turning at an intersection:

    Loose left, tight right

    Bikes are obviously tricky to import (ADRs can be an issue), but so are helmets (no AS sticker so they're not legal here, even if they sell the same thing in Oz). Any other accessories are open slather. Do your bit to rectify the multi-trillion dollar US trade deficit!

    I lived there for 2 1/2 years and go back at least once a year. Go broke saving money every time! Recently I've been pre-ordering stuff from US online stores and getting it shipped (usually free in the lower 48) to my hotel for pickup on arrival. Have to make sure you leave some room in the suitcase though!

    Shop til you drop!
  17. 3 pix of our travels yesterday. Just under 600 miles round trip to Daytona's largest USA HD dealership(can still smell leather) then International Speedway (fantastic), Cape Canaveral (awe-inspiring), up to Tampa to collect someone from the Airport then back to base at 2.30am. :roll:

    Our NASA tickets are good for a week and we plan on going back. It's such an inspirational place. Mrs 2wheelsagain can do the driving so I can take some pix this time (and get some bike shots). I learnt yesterday that sitting on the 70MPH speed limit will see you passed by everyone and Tot Toms dont know everything! :LOL: