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G'Day from Daewoo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by daewoo, May 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all, just registered today so thought I should introduce myself.

    Bloke, old, married, two kids, Telecoms Engineer currently working at 'the other big telco' after too long at 'the big telco'.

    Spent some time working in Asia, and riding where there are no rules... spend a lot of time on GT-Rider dreaming about getting back to Northern Thailand where the roads are never straight and you can hire an R1 for $20/day...

    current ride an old '84 XR250... old skool...

    use it to commute a bit, and ride a bit... too old for hardcore dirt... break too easy, heal too slow :) ...

    Live near the RNP, so I see lots of bike p0rn on the weekends...

    don't know what I want from the forum, but look forward to finding out what goes on here...

    Cheers and beers,
  2. Daewoo welcome and enjoy!
  3. Welcome and enjoy the forum.

    There is alot to offer in the technical and Maintenance sections.

    So have fun, be informed, have a say and show us ur bike ofcourse!

    Ride safe and have fun!
  4. welcome daewoo.....but 33 is not old!!!!
  5. +1 Kezza!!!

    You need to get a good roadie for the RNP, mate.

    And welcome to Netrider; check out the NSW Rides and Events section; our meanderings often take us into the fabled Park, and to the awful coffee at Bald Hill :LOL: {Where my great-uncle used to fly his Box-Kites.}

    (I live a fair way south from you, on the southern shores of the Lake!)
  6. Welcome Daewoo

    You need a big thumper dual sport - plenty of easy dirt around :cool:
  7. Welcome!! Enjoy the site and the banter. It is awfully addictive....
  8. Ohhh... Thanks people... :beer: :beer: I feel all warm and fuzzy...

    I do the occasional lap through the RNP... might as well, it is about 3 mins from home on the XR, about 10 mins on the mountain bike (before I got too old :grin: )

    It is funny, 'cause to me, it is just a cop infested, Volvo covered, picnickers trying to kill you, blink and you missed it, road...

    After riding around places like Northern Thailand where the roads are made for riders, there are no real road rules, and not much other traffic, I don't see the attraction...

    Think of the twistiest of twisties on the RNP road, then multiply that by 3 days... but I guess when you have $20K worth of speed machine, you take what you can get... and I guess there aren't many other options...

    Oh well... my next trip is in November ( [-o< ) so I hope to meet up with some of the members before then... I really need to improve my skills so I can take advantage of the roads... it was pretty embarrassing when on a Baja to be overtaken by a 70 year old woman on a 30 year old scooter down a hill (but I flew past her on the way up :grin: )

    When I have enough posts up I will post a link to my trip report from last trip...

    Thanks again for the warm welcome,


  9. Making my 34 feel old.

    Welcome aboard. There's plenty of everything here.... the good, the bad and the totally unexpected.
  10. Welcome Daewoo, ya ol' bastard :LOL:

    What sort of bikes do you ride these roads of Thailand on? Are they a dirt squirters paradise or is it worth having a REAL road bike ? Sounds like you have a blast on em regardless.
  11. Most of my riding over there has been on scooters (oh no, here it comes :grin: ) and even worse, bicycle ( :facepalm: )...

    I rode a Baja (XR250) on the roads up north, because I figured it would be better than a scooter at higher speeds, and wasn't confident to ride a road bike because I've never ridden one...

    You can do some really long dirt rides, for days at a time, or you can hire anything from a NSR150 or CB400 to a CBR600RR or R1... They have really backwards import laws, so anything over 200cc is expensive to import properly, and at $20/day you can imagine that spending money on maintenance isn't a high priority...

    The back roads are usually a really good surface, although the rain tends to wash a fair bit of dirt onto it just when you least expect it...

    It really is riders heaven up north... have a look at GT-Rider dot com...

  12. Hi and welcome to NR, Daewoo :grin:

    Repeat after me.... 33 is not old, 33 is not old, 33 is not old.....
  13. keep repeating for 7 years and still will be younger than me. 33 is old if you let it be. :grin:
  14. i agree with the others - 33 is not old, 34 is not old, heck even 40 is not old......

    mostly, my measly little 45 is not old...........

    well some days anyways.....