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Gday From Coffs Harbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bronson, May 28, 2007.

  1. Gday guys,I'm about as much of a newbie as you can get.I'm 44 and been thinking about getting a bike license for years but after seeing all the 5000 old guys cruising round here last week at the Ulysses AGM I decided bugger it ,if they can,I can.
    I've only just booked the pre Ls course today and can't wait.I've been offered unlimited use of a bike to learn on,'98 Yamaha 650 VStar.Thank god,mortgage won't let me buy a bike of my own for awhile.
    I literally know nothing so lots of stupid questions to come.LOL.I've got a lot to learn I think.

  2. Welcome to the Forum

    Yes a great week in Coffs and surrounds.

    The 650 Yammie will be fine to learn on.

    All the best with the L's
  3. Welcome, Jeff.

    I'd have to agree with Alex, the 650 Yamaha is a good learner's bike, and with the Coffs weather, and unlimited use, who knows how many kays it's going to log :LOL:???
  4. 44 is the best age to learn - i've had my licence just over 12 months, and my bike for 7 months.

    of course you can do it. and the mortgage could possibly be arranged so you can get a bike too......

    anyways, welcome and have fun

  5. welcome to the forums, vtrbob will be pleased there is another NR up that way :LOL:
  6. Welcome Jeff!

    I'm in Coffs also.

    Wasn't it an awesome sight to see all those bikes in town last week!

    I'm glad locals in Coffs were able to witness all the positive aspects of motorcyle riding that the event brought to the area...

    - Being able to enjoy a lifestlye shared by many individuals and couples from all parts of Australia.

    - The freedom and enjoyment that only 2 wheels can provide in this great part of the world, the Coffs Coast.

    - Friendship and mateship in a social motorcyle club of over 6000 members.

    - Sensible riders who treated the road and all it's users with respect and always wore protective gear :)

    Goodluck with your L's mate, any questions feel free to ask.
    Just remember your never to old to ride.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys. Yeah I'm hoping the 650 is gonna be learner friendly.
    To be honest I knew nothing at all about this type of bike until it was offered for me to learn on at the weekend.Since then I've done as much research as I can. Guess thats all I can do until I get my hands on it. Seems stupid really,I literally had access to 100's of these bikes to look at and talk to the owners about last week,but that was before I was offered use of one and now they're all gone home.Oh well.
    Yeah I work in the middle of town and seeing so many people enjoying the weather and comradeship and just riding around all day long,was almost a shame to see 'em all go.