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G'day from Candelo - Far South (Sapphire) Coast, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mr Flibble, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. G'day all.

    I moved here from Sydney about three years ago now. I haven't ridden for almost 30 years (and then it was only a few times - a mate's bike down a few fire trails). I would never have considered getting a bike in Sydney - way too much traffic for this little black duck.

    So... I bought meself a wee CB250 for starters - I've only had it six weeks and already wish I'd got something a bit bigger - say a GS500 or something. Still, it's a great little bike for learning, and I'm having fun with it - but you definitely need earplugs when doing (or at least trying to do) highway speeds. And the number of times I've tried to change up to a non-existent sixth gear...

    I'll be going for my rider's test pretty soon - Then I'll look around for a bigger bike - I've read good things about the wee-strom - but its an ugly looking thing I reckon. I do need a bike that can handle a little bit of off-road though - I like to get away from it all....

    I've got a question or two about the baby Honda as well - I'll post them in the Technical and Troubleshooting forum.

    Regards and safe riding.
  2. The wee-strom might be ugly as, but there ain't nothing like it for an all purpose machine that doesn't want your wallet and the soul of your first-born child to boot..

    Welcome to Netrider, and back to riding; lots of time to make up for, get out there :LOL:.
  3. A 1000cc bike is out if you want to do a bit of riding off-road!

    I couldn't imagine not having a sixth gear but even though I have it I still go looking for another from time to time!

  4. G'day Birdman,

    I was talking about the DL650 (the wee-strom not the V-strom). That'll be more than enough grunt for me I reckon.

    hornet600 - Yep, I do have lots of time to make up for. I will get out there more when I get a bike with longer legs. I ride most every day, Done a couple of 100+km trips.

    Thanks for the welcome guys.

  5. I understand, I was just kidding. On dirt a smaller bike is the better option, no doubt about that.

    A 650 is even quite big for a lot of off roading.

    Bikes have plenty of power these days.
  6. Welcome beautiful area and some great riding roads up your way, we spent a couple of days at the start of the year tearing up your neighborhood :wink:

    One of my favorite places to ride actually :grin:
  7. GS500

    I've just returned to riding after too long on four wheels - bought a 2 yr old GS500F last night and have been riding it today - great choice for someone who is not a total beginner
  8. welcome to NR jazzfan, unfortunately for you, we just resealed (like last week) 10kms of the gorgeous myrtle mountain rd. it is a rough time of year to still be sealing, so it will remain a little flicky for a week or two. however, after that, it will be better than ever before!
    again, welcome to NR.