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G'day from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KBiker, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I've posted a few times around the place, but I've been a long time lurker :oops:

    I live in brissy, and tend to do a bit of riding around the gold coast hinterland region, and gatton/lowood regions on the weekends; nothing beats a nice cruise in the country. I also tend to make it up to Toowoomba every now and then.

    I'm a fellow ZZR250 rider, and I'm already on my second bike after about 6 months of having my licence :oops: You can see my thread in the newbie forum, had a bit of a run in with some roadworks...

    Anyway, I'm glad to be apart of this community, and I plan on signing up to become a member as soon as I can scrounge up 10 big ones (bloody motorbike servicing!).

    EDIT: O and I'm keen to be involved in any brissy rides :grin:
  2. welcome bud
  3. wish i was in QLD....cold down 'ere...... welcome!
  4. Hi ya KBiker
    I'm from the north side of Bris (in vic now).
    Hinterlands the go. :grin:

    Willzah: I'm a bit worried about you & the cold - get yourself a 'hot water bottle' if you don't already have one :wink:
  5. or just get a little HTFU

    welcome Kbiker
  6. Welcome to netrider! Good to see another Brissy rider about.

    Good riding country out there. I recommend the Hampton-Esk road next time you are out there. I am planning on doing Lowood then Gatton-Clifton road tomorrow, because it's just that good! If only more riders would look beyond Mt Glorious.... actually, I take that back, I like having all those great roads to myself :grin:
  7. Cheers for the welcome guys and gals :grin:

    Went for a bit of a spin down rosewood way. Some great riding to be had there and the lowood/esk way definately.

    I've been up over the Wivenhoe and Esk way towards Toowoomba; that is a beautiful ride as well.

    And I always love the Redcliff circuit.

    I'm slowly but surely building up my good riding routes :) I'm actually making a habit of plotting them out on Google Maps; its good to see it plotted out, ready to be conquered again!

    On the Mount Glorious run; haven't attempted that yet, I'll leave that for a while I think :shock: Every time I've driven that road in the car, some guy comes screaming around the corner, pegs scraping, full body lean, almost straight into my car. I've even had a rider fishtail towards me (on my side of the road); if I hadn't stomped on the brakes and stopped, he would have been toast. He managed to pull out of the fishtail before hitting my car head on...
    If those are the types of riders on that road, I think I'll stick to my nice casual runs :cool: