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g'day from breezy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by breezy, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. g'day everyone , im new on here , im also a new rider , looking for some tips an maybe some other L'er to ride with , i live at st marys , new south wales , a friend recomended this site to me ,
    if anyone can help please reply
    cheers debzzz

  2. G'day Breezy, welcome to Netrider :)

    I'm a newb too, living in Queensland though.

    Oh, and the "Welcome Lounge" is over here. You'd probably get a few more replies there.

  3. welcome to netrider! im new to riding too and im next door to you in penrith :p we should go for a ride sometime when i get my bike fixed lol
  4. fixed

    sounds good to me , what happened to ya bike , can i ask ....... :!:
  5. the cam chain needs to be adjusted or replaced or something :)
  6. happy aussie day

    how long you been on your leraners ? im going to book in to do my full licence maybe next month , but wont get in to about 2 to 3 months , they say its pretty booked out , so more riding i need before then , my bike goes in for her first service in just under 200 k's
    when your out about , do you ride with anyone else ?
    have a great week