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Gday from Bonbeach

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rdkls, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Howdy howdy
    Been lurking for a while and thought you guys seem like a decent bunch and I'll probably end up going on some rides so better say gday.

    Got my licence a month ago, been riding a week less than that, and so far have ridden almost every single day (commuting Bonbeach-Camberwell, and rides round mornington, arthurs seat, kinglake) on the VTR250. Absolutely loving having a bike, one of the best things I ever did.

    I remember the instructor where I did my Ls (Roberto at DECA in Carrum, top guy), in his Italian accent saying how when you ride you can meet someone from a completely different walk of life, and the only thing you have in common is that you both ride, and that's enough to start a friendship. Glad to be one of the mob, look forward to harassing you at the front of some lights soon :]
  2. Welcome to NR Nick :)
  3. Thanks Syrian :]
  4. Welcome to NR Nick. I know of a monthly novice ride on the Peninsula if you are interested. Next one is this Sun morning. Good way to get to know some locals. Send me a PM if you are interested.
    Good choice of bike. We have one in the garage and I can tell you that they are indestructible. My son joined four mates and myself on a two day 1100 Km marathon taking in many of the classic roads in Vic after Easter and although he fell behind on open stretches, the bike didn't disgrace itself in the Company of a Blackbird, two Viffers, a V-Strom and my Beemer.
    I know that Honda decided to get out of V Twins in all but their cruisers but why they discontinued what was the best 250 in their range beggars belief :!:
  5. G'day Nick
    welcome to NR from an other old Bonnie boy
  6. And an old Seaford chick :)
  7. Welcome Nick & great choice of bike. (I have a VTR also & love it)

  8. Welcome Aboard Nick !!
    Hope to see you around soon.
  9. Welcome to NR, Nick :)

    Bonnie's just up the road from Chelt :LOL:

    ... and a nice cruise up "Beach Road" to the Elwood BP for a Tuesday night L ride :grin:
    ... if you haven't already :p
  10. Welcome m8 :)
  11. Just in time to join this years Icicle Ride too mate.

    Hiya from Mt Martha

  12. You doing the icicle this year Cam?
  13. Thanks guys, such a welcoming crowd
    Yeah I'll have to get along to the Tuesday night Ls ride ....
    Ross will PM you about the peninsula ride .... done it a few times with a friend, really nice ride.
    Icicle ride hey .... sounds ... cold, will have to check it out
  14. another post

    sorry, posting so I have enough posts to PM & post links/images .....
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  16. Welcome...

    You may pass me sometimes!
  17. Story

    There once was a man from Japan
    Who replaced his right head with a can
    Said his mum "Are you mad? That makes one not rad!"
    So he jibbledy jubble toucan.
  18. Sorry javaman I mean "cool see you out there"
    I commute every day to Camberwell ... up springvale road .... so far I've won every commute but perhaps you can challenge me sometime :]
  19. Hey there , welcome to NR