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G'Day from Blacktown, Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BOB88R, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. G'Day ALL,

    The name's Bobby, just recently got my Learners and currently looking for a bike and riding gear. I had ridden automatic scooters overseas before. I had been wanting to have a touring bike. I had decided that this is the year that I should start riding a bike - my 17-yr old son agrees.

    I rate myself as a totally inexperienced rider.

    I'm looking forward to meeting other riders, and to learn as much as I can and to have FUN!

  2. Welcome to NR!
  3. welcome to NR, get down to Homebush and talk to the guys there, great place to learn the proper way to ride, meet other netriders as well.
  4. Welcome to NR! (y)
  5. Welcome - good to see more riders from the West :) (y)
  6. Welcome in BOB!

    ""Bob"?, "funny name for a girl isn't it"?

    "well Sir, it would be if He was a Girl"!

    (sorry just badly quoting Blackadder)

    As you were.

  7. Thanks for the warm welcome NRians! I'm still hunting for my ride...
  8. Looking for anything in particular?
  9. hey bobby, welcome mate...when you get yourself up & running feel free to pop along for one of the penrith run's, in the meantime once you get your bike as goddie has said get on down to homebush - great bunch of people that can teach you alot.
  10. or come down riding with the Sydney-Hawkesbury or KSRC guys, our normal meet up isnt too far away :)

    Just so long as you dont disturb my sleep by riding hoon laps around my block like Mav and a certain other Netrider fella with another green Kawa.............
  11. I will. When confident to drive that far, and graduated from the local backroads.
  12. I'm thinking of Yamaha FZ6R/Suzuki SV650S/Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I'm 177cm tall and around 85kgs. I hope I can find one soon.
  13. thanks 87crisis. Looking forward to Homebush learner sessions.

  14. Hi AznCruiser, you better install some soundproofing in your bedroom, so that I won't wake you up. :driver::demon::dance:
  15. Hi NRians, looking for a good and reliable bike mechanic around Western Sydney - specifically near Blacktown area. Who do you recommend?
  16. ah shiat, Starbucks gonna be packed now!

    welcome mate
  17. Lol.

    Welcome Bobby, from another born and raised 'westie', though i no longer live in the area. Make sure to get down to the homebush sessions!