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G'day from an older newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by journeyman, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. What a great group this is! Glad to meet you all!

    Having ridden off and on since I was 15 (am ~3 times that now!) although not in the city, finally organized getting my L's just over 3 months ago. Got myself a little CBX250 which I rode for 10 weeks - doing a bunch of ~200km rides up Healesville and Hanging Rock way - until some dozey biatch run up my arse in town at about 50K when I stopped at an intersection to let an ambulance through - wrote off the CBX and almost me too! At least the ambo's were near at hand! :wink: Gave me second thoughts about riding again for a day or 2, but am a slow learner, so 10 days later got back on to get my full licence (3 months to the day) and then bought a Spada which was advertised on the classifieds here. Great little bike - at least for the next 12 months anyway.

    Anyway - you'll see me hanging around here asking obvious questions and perhaps helping where I can too - look forward to meeting some of you on a ride somewhere or other?


  2. welcome mate
    dont forget coffee night on friday (see sticky in ride and events section)
    come in and meet all the crew .
  3. YEY! another Old Fart on a toofiddy!! 8)

    Welcome Richard, hope to see you sometime, either when I get to Melbourne, or you come down here for a cruise sometime.

  4. Welcome to the forums Richard. :)

    :D :D
  5. What do you mean, "another old fart on a 2fiddy" we're just reaching a best age....
  6. Best age?? - nah - not even remotely close to that yet!! :LOL:
  7. Welcome and enjoy! Glad to hear you weren't put off too badly.

    :D :D :D
  8. aah yes... I must explain that I use the term "old fart" as a term of respect. Bit like the OZ way of saying "G'day ya old bastard" isn't an insult.

    Don't call me just plain "old" tho, cos I'm not old, I'm "experienced" 8)

    JJ (see the sig)
  9. Welcome to the forums Richard. :)
  10. Welcome aboard Richard :D

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Welcome Richard,

    Enjoy the forums and come for a ride :)


  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone - am taking tomorrow off so will try to get down to Southbank tomorrow evening for the Friday evening caffeine hit! Will be on a black Spada with Red/White/Black Nitro helmet and black/red Dryrider Jacket. Look forward to meeting y'all!!
  13. G'day Richard.

    You definitely qualify as an Old Fart, even if you don't ride an Across. Hey Iffracem - shall we make him an honorary member of OFARC? :LOL:

    Hope to see you at Fri night coffee, welcome to the nuthouse.
  14. Hey Gromit - only if you're gonna get me the honorary "A" handbag as well!! :p
  15. Howdy Richard
    As one older member to another welcome :)
  16. G'day ya old bastard :D
  17. Gotta love those dozey bitches. Welcome aboard dude
  18. Welcome Richard hope to see you at coffee sometime
  19. And G'day to you too raffiki - and remember - I may be a bastard, but old sure beats the fsck outa the alternative!!

    Love the dozey bitches Goose?? - not that one let me tell you!! To think I even felt sorta sorry for her when I was lying on the road surrounded by ambos and could see her distraught look - but now she's gone to ground - turned off her mobile and hasn't replied to my letter looking for the repair/write-off costs for my bike. Looks like I'll have to invite her to a party with the men wearing wigs!
  20. Hmmmm, certainly welcome, just don't know how we can twist a Spada into "Old Farts Across Riders Club"

    How about we rename the club, in a cynical and exploitive grab for more members? :roll:

    Maybe "Old Farts & Across Riders club"
    Or "Old Farts of Australia Riders Club"

    Also I must welcome Techno as orfishal OFARC member #2