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G'day from an old guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Deroman50, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Saw a link to Netrider on something over the weekend. Thought I'd sign up. Wish all forums were as easy to join.

    I'll probably just lurk for a while like I do in most forums.

    See ya


  2. Welcome mate, where you at and what's your ride?
  3. I live in Orange NSW and ride a 2012 Tiger 800 (not the XC)
  4. Ok cheers. There was a guy asking about Tiger 800 (XCX?) yesterday I think, you may be able to give him some feedback - check the "recent posts" back a few days or search to find the right thread if you're interested...
  5. Welcome from another older rider, cheers
  6. We're similar ages pjcliffo. And it looks like you get to enjoy the delights of another model Triumph. I'm very lucky in that my wife has a 2012 Street Triple and she lets me ride it sometimes.

    She sometimes says she's getting too old to ride and I tell her that when she retires from riding, we're keeping her bike so I can ride it when the twisties are calling. Not that the Tiger is not fun on the twisties, it's just that the Street T is much better.
  7. I didn't start riding bikes till 60 and did my p's with my kids, done 20,000ks since. Love the street triple had it 2 yrs. how do your 2 compare?
  8. welcome aboard :] nothing wrong with a bit of lurkin :wacky:
  9. Hi Pjcliffo.

    Well done on getting onto bikes at a mature age. I got my licence at age 22 but only got my first 'big' bike in 1997. Have managed to clock up over 250,000 ks since then on 5 bikes, three of them bought new, including my current one, the Tiger.

    The Tiger and the S/Triple are way different despite being almost the same engine and of course, the same brand. I really enjoy riding both of them. I suppose the biggest differences are the ride position, the weight (love the lightness of the S/Triple) and the engine speed when riding. I've got used to the fact that the S/Triple runs at much higher revs at highway speeds.

  10. Hi Jeffco

    Well I might have said I'd lurk but I've managed to push out 5 posts already.

    Wonder if it will continue.

  11. Welcome Deroman, from another Trumpet nut;-)
  12. Welcome to NR..
  13. Welcome to the forum mate! Lurk away!