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G'day from Albury

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hammo7, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hi All.
    Matt from Albury, Have been looking to get back into riding for a few years now. After a long wait my new 2007 Black Bird arrived from Canberra motorcycles. Have not been able to get the smile off my dial since!
    I can see why I wanted to wait for the black bird as it is a perfect fit, such a crazy beast yet so easy to tame! Will be keeping is stock for a while, other than the ventura rack.

    Have not had the time yet to go on a decent ride, only just hit the 400k mark this morning. (according to Honda, only another 100k to go before she is run in). Was lloking forward tota ride this weekend - a cancer research charity run - but having some one aroung to do some renovations :evil:.
    Looking forward to catching up with a few local (and even some not so local) people for a ride every now and then. Maybe catch up with a few city folk (if I ever dare ride into the city).

    Stay upright all
  2. Hi Animation127.

    Screw the renovations its perfect riding weather up here now
  3. Howdy!

    Bat you can't wait til that puppy's run in!!!
  4. Thanks Charmed and Morbo.

    I think your right, stuff the renos, waited longer for a bike than I have a pergola :grin: .
    I can wait for it to be run in as I'm a big sook and don't think it will ever see the redline! Goes well enough without hammering it!!
  5. Welcome Aboard !
  6. Welcome Hammo,
    Join the posted rides when you can
  7. Thanks Coda and VCM..
  8. Hammo,
    Should consider the snaowy ride in Nov.

    Huge amount of people there and should be a blast

  9. G'day Hammo

    A ride up through Granya gap and back is always good for us Albury fella's. I am busy with work for the next few weekends but after that i think i'll do the granya gap and back. Its a nice 2 hour ride.

    Will make a post before i go so you can come along if you want.

  10. Thanks for the welcomes!
    Will be away for the snowy ride, would have loved to hav done it. Will try to book in next year.

    Trevnsig, I can't wait for the black ice to dissapear from the Granya side of the gap. You are right, it's an awesome ride! Ive never done it on a decent bike! Pls either post or PM when you are looking at going. I'm also busy for the next couple of weeks, so that'll work well!!