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G'Day from a Pom!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mike Cook, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. G'Day all,

    I live in England but spend about five months every year in Victoria, to avoid the English winter! In England I run a Harley XL1200R Sportster, and belong to a national touring club. I've been to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland with the club. I also go to the Isle of Man every year, mostly to the Classic TT recently.
    Here in Victoria I run a Honda NT700V Deauville, mainly for local journeys.

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  2. Welcome Mike, nice way to avoid the Wintery weather. And we are mostly civilised out here :) Well at least when you get into the Southern states. ;)
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  3. Thanks, Chris - appreciated!
  4. Pfftt......

    But G'Day Mike. Come on up to the friendly state and have a few bevvies.
  6. Welcome Mr Cook!
    Some great rides to be had with some really great people in Vic! Lots of social things always on but watch out for that cheeky Uncle GregUncle Greg lol!
    I have Vic envy sometimes!
    We have good weather ALL year here...you may become a permie!
    Enjoy your riding!
  7. Thanks, Brand. Maybe, one day. I have friends in Capalaba.
  8. Many thanks. Sadly, I can't become a permie because I didn't arrive in a small boat from Indonesia!
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  9. Welcome to NR...

    2 bikes in 2 countries... That's good.

  10. Welcome from another Pom. The colonials are quite friendly around these parts.
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  11. Only if you unshackle them occasionally and give them their rum portion! Oh and a flogging...
  12. welcome aboard :]
  13. Welcome Mike CookMike Cook. My one word is.... JEALOUS!!
    Good to have you on board.
  14. Welcome to the forum!