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G'Day from a newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Luppies, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Hi guys n girls,

    I'm Dean and I will soon be looking for some new riding buddies.

    I'm still a Learner with a need to go for my P's as soon as I get my new bike.

    I'm currently riding a peewee 50 (virago 250) but with the aim to purchase a new XSR700 in the coming weeks.

    This morning I had the pleasure to meet a lovely couple at Bikebiz Parramatta, and who were lucky enough to be picking up a blue XSR900 with the screen and seat cowling! I was every shade of an envious green and then some.

    I look forward to sharing and reading this forum, as I've been told that there is a wealth of information and expert tips and advice for eager novices like myself!

    Chats soon, Dino
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  2. Hey Dino, welcome and whereabouts in NSW are you:?
  3. Hey caz64, I'm in Normanhurst, just off Pennant Hills road.

    Thanks for the hi
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  4. Howdy and welcome to NR. :happy:
  5. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Keep an eye in the ride and events thread for nsw - we have a ride planned for the 11th Sept-come and join us!
  6. Thanks Chilliman.

    I have literally just finished reading some of the post and just asked where abouts they setup so I can join and learn.
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  7. Thanks for the offer GeorgeO, however, my current ride isn't conducive to any rides over an hour. That being said I'm only weeks away from purchasing a new Yamaha XSR700! WI think this baby you won't be able to keep me away! Although the wife may be more successful... just saying...
  8. here's a little NR site tip - if you type the @ symbol followed by the member's name it highlights it in red and sends a note to that member so they can respond

    good stuff about the Learner Sessions mate, I hear they are excellent!
  9. Thanks for the tip chilliman64chilliman64 ! I am capable of learning a trick or 2...

    Any suggestions on articles I should read on this site? I've just watched twist of the wrist 2 and I'm in the process of slowly putting it into practice. I'm already noticing the improved feedback and sense of being more grounded in my turns.
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  10. Hey LuppiesLuppies (Dean)

    Those people you met at BikeBiz was myself (Simon) and SibiSibi! (Sabel) :)

    How was the test ride on the MT-07?

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  11. he said he met a lovely couple... if it was you two he would have said a lovely lady and some aroused dude drooling uncontrollably :p
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  12. Freaking awesome 69SIM69SIM and SibiSibi !

    The ride was bloody brilliant, but it will be an adjustment as it was far, far more responsive than my peewee 50! Also the feel of the gears was different, but in a positive way!

    I came home grinning from ear to bloody ear! I CANNOT WAIT!

    Enough about me, what about your sexc beast!? Still smiling I bet!? Did you go for a nice ride?

    And has Sabel (SibiSibi ) ridden her yet?

    Simon I was both happy for you and all kinds of jel seeing you this morning. Hopefully that will be me soon!
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  13. I was trying to be on my best behaviour, we all know drool can ruin the duco ;)
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  14. Nice to hear, I think the step from 07 to 700 wont be much of a difference except in seating position. You'll love it :)

    Yeah went to show off the bike to a friend and then we did a quick ride (he's been so ride starved he was drooling at the bit to go for a ride anywhere). One thing I've noticed is the suspension is a lot stiffer than to the bikes I've ridden, the DR650 is super soft and the VStrom was very comfortable.
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  15. There was a new rider named Luppies
    He used to breed colourful guppies
    He then got a small cruiser
    But wants a big bruiser
    So he can pillion a tankful of guppies
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  16. I here you. I would have been so excited and if it had of been me, I'm sure that I would have "bent" a road rule or 2.
  17. With my fat ass that would be a good thing.
    Hey, let Sabel (SibiSibi) know that she should look at the 09 instead of the 07. I was told that it costs too much to de-restrict the 07. She may as well go straight to the 09.

    Did Sabel tell you about the sound of the akraprovic titanium exhaust? It was killa! I will 100% be getting a set of these pipes!
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  18. Yeah she told me when she got home, she said the 07 blew away the HD that was next to you!
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  19. And almost me too! It was such a shock! The power, responsiveness and the sound of that bike was just bloody brilliant and it left the Harley for dead. It really highlighted that I need to get smooth - that will come with time and spending time on a worthwhile machine. I thought I was smooth until I got onto that!
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