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G'day from a new sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kronos G, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just got my learners and I just want to say hi to you all! Been driving cars forever and motorbikes are just way too sexy. Now being 1 year away from 2012 I've finally made up my mind to convert. :) Hoping to get a new bike in the next few days and look forward to going on a few rides with you guys. (and thanks in advance coping with me if I suck)

    And a good day to you all gents (and ladies)!
  2. Come down to Homebush on Saturdays, lots of new and experienced people there.

    Oh and WELCOME.
  3. Howdy! What bike are you thinking of getting?
  4. welcome mate
  5. Sup guys! The whole day I was excited at work about riding a bike.

    AznCruiser : Can't wait! But have to get my bike first so I'll try to make it next week if not the week after! Wat time is it on?

    Devochka : I'm thinking of getting a 2nd hand 250 ninja. What do you reckon?
    I was delusional enough to think that I deserved to ride a 650 before but now on reflection for my skills and financial situation ...(the lack of) I decided to get a 250 ninja... saw one for around 5k but apparently it's been dropped :p Still processing

    Trent112 : Sup!
  6. welcome :D

    dropped bikes aren't all bad.. so long as the frame and forks are still straight, the brakes work, engine and electrics run fine.. etc.. as a learner, you're likely to drop it too when you first start out :-( get something nice when you've got your P's or when you feel ready :p

    do consider vtr250's too.. nakeds be less heartbreaking to drop than a fully faired bike
  7. Bought a new helmet but realised after I took it home that the visor is so scratched out the moment I pulled off the stickers I felt like an idiot :p Any advice to a noob except to not be so careless when buying a helmet again?

  8. take it back straight away. The longer you wait, the easier it'll be for them to say that you did that.
  9. Welcome Kronos. Check my sig for the Homebush details.

    Yeah, if its scratched get that helmet back to wherever you bought it.

  10. +1! Did you take it back?? Visors ain't pocket change!
  11. Welcome and +1 take it back.
  12. Thanks for the welcome and advice!
    Have been away so haven't been able to take it back and then they had to get a replacement ordered. Spoke to the store manager and she was very pleasant and helpful, despite the unfortunately mistake I have nothing but good things to say about her. I think it could be just a genuine mistake so I'll try to take it back tomorrow at the St Peters store. Now I feel bad for flaming on the net. Well I was frustrated but I know I could have handled myself better before. Feeling like an idiot now. Either way, I just want to ride.