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QLD G'day from a new rider in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hauler, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. #1 Hauler, Oct 13, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2016
    I have been lurking and reading a bit of stuff on here for a few weeks and the time has come for an intro. My name is Mike, I have just started riding at age 43 and have just bought my first bike. Looks like this is a good community with plenty of experience and knowledge, both of which I am building up from Noob level.

    It started about 6 weeks ago when I was on holidays and decided to do a riding course to get my licence to get a new skill and also for enjoyment. Did my learners online before the rule change but couldn't get on a course until early October. So did my course last week and had an absolute ball - had no idea I would enjoy it this much. I did a 2 day course - 1 day training + the Q-ride day which ended with me getting my RE licence. I deliberately didn't touch a bike before the training course - wanted to ingrain good habits from the get go.

    I am eyes wide open about learning to ride with a 40 year old brain rather than a 20 year old brain - lots of road experience to draw on but brand new to bikes and starting from beginner level. I know an accept the risks that are out there and do everything I can to minimise them.

    I looked at the 2nd hand market for a bike but for what I wanted the ones in my area were overpriced and there wasn't a huge selection. Ended up getting a good deal on a new MT-03 which turned up today and I love it. At the start of a huge learning curve which is a little daunting but very exciting. Anyhoo, that's enough.

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  2. Welcome Mike....you'll enjoy the MT03!
  3. Welcome to the asylum Mike
  4. Welcome Mike. Go the yammy!
  5. Welcome Mike.

    It's good to see another rider from Brisbane. I'm constantly out riding so if you see me around come say hello.
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  6. Welcome HaulerHauler! Congrats on getting through the course last week and on scoring an awesome bike. You're going to have a blast! Sounds like you've been bitten by the riding bug!! Watch out, it's contagious!!!!!! Keep us up to date on your progress. It's the most awesome learning curve in the world!!
  7. Welcome Mike. I will do another Newbie tag along ride soon, or there is one on the GC soon which WraithWraith and I are going to tag along on.

    I also do mentoring, if you ever want some tips or have Q's

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  8. Welcome mate newbie rider here from Brissy as well. Also got a MT03 as well a few weeks ago. Great fun little bike to learn on. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks all for the replies. Hope to see you around.
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  10. Welcome Mike, congrats on the licence and the new MT03!
  11. gday Mike / HaulerHauler and welcome to NR and the world of two wheels - it's always great when we get new old farts joining up! :emoji_thumbsup:

    and yes, I am older than you :emoji_confounded:
  12. Old Fart!? - I resemble that remark! :woot:
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  13. Went to bed, checked bike still in garage.
    Got up for drink, checked bike still in garage.
    Heard noise, was it the cat? Checked bike still in garage.
    Woke up early, checked bike still in garage.
    Got up at 7, checked bike still in garage.

    Sounds like perfectly cromulent behaviour based on what I've read here....:happy:
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  14. sounds like you're ready for a little 'man-on-bike' frottage... don't knock it 'til you've tried it :emoji_wink:
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  15. Ha ha. Now I know what frottage means.
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  16. Howdy HaulerHauler - a feww peeps now around your area to ride with :) Check them out and keep an eye out on the event thread section.... See you round !
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  17. welcome aboard :)

    Congrats on the bike :)
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