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Gday Fellow Riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by peterbenn, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Recently took the plunge into riddin,got my L's aftet putting it off for the last few years. After about a month of research i decided what style of bike i wanted, and what model of bike.

    Decided on a Yamaha xvs vstar 650. I test rode every lams approved cruiser on the market. Even went to the extent of hiring a vstar from Garners in North Melbourne for the weekend, did a good 700km over two days along great ocean road and then inland back to Melbourne.

    I was very proud if myself as i had only riden a road bike doing my L's. I personally think for me hiring the bike before was the best way to make a decision, on which bike i wanted.

    So two days ago i bought a 2015 vstar classic. With vandh cruiser exhaust, rear pillion seat, windscreen, saddle bags and white wall tyres.

    I am completely in love with riding my bike. Improving my skills is very important to me. I will be coming to the Sat learner rides. Look forward to meeting fellow riders through netrider.

    If anyone in west/ northern Melbourne wants to go for a ride ket me know.

    Thanks Peter
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  2. Hello and welcome to the forums peterbennpeterbenn :happy:. Great choice of a bike, and fantastic achievement riding 700km along the GOR. That's what I'd call "evidence based approach" to choosing your ride (y) Hope to see some photos of your Precious, with those white rims, she surely is one very classy lady!
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  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Good stuff peterbennpeterbenn welcome to the team.....
  5. gday peterbennpeterbenn and welcome to NR - congrats on the big Vtwin!
  6. Welcome to the joys of the road!!
  7. welcome aboard :) congrats on getting your Ls and your bike :)
  8. Aloha peterbennpeterbenn ! Welcome to the forum.

    That's an awesome achievement - the GOR on your Ls... Wow!!

    Well done and keep going with the training. It's going to be invaluable. Go to the learner days - they're so well worth it and so are the teachers there! :)
  9. Welcome to NR and to the fantastic world of motorbikes

    V Star eh? That's an awesome bike but I'm biased, of course. ;)

    Those Vance & Hines Cruzers rock as well..

    Come on around to the Saturday practice sessions...

    Weather Looks a bit iffy tomorrow but check the thread around 8..
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