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Gday Everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Josho, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Hey Everyone, My names Josh, I'm 22, I work as a sparky and I live near Hornsby on Sydney's north shore. I recently purchased a New 2007 Black Honda CBR600RR which has had its first 1000k service just the other day. I'm always keen for a ride so if anyone lives close and feels the urge hit me up.

    I currently have a jneer intergrated hanger tail light coming on its way over from the states but i need to find a new tag bracket with light as the old one will be removed when i take the stock brake/blinker/ fenders off to fit the jneer one. I have found one or two but they are in the states and their tags are a different size to ours. If anyone has done something similiar to this or knows where to get good aftermarket products in Aus please feel free to lend me some advice.

    Some future mods would be:
    -- Flush mount front indicators.
    -- Black rear sets and passenger pegs.
    -- Black double bubble screen.
    -- Black shorty levers.
    -- Akrapovic slip on with power commander and re-tune.

    I will try and post some pictures when i take some but in the mean time just though Ide say hi and if anyone has advice or tips etc, im all ears.

    Regards, Josh
  2. Josh, a few of our stalwart Netriders live in your neck of the woods, and thet can often be found up the Old Road dodging Mad Mick and the other denizens of the road.

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Hi Josh

    Welcome. So you went with the CBR? Nice! Did you consider others before choosing? What bike did you learn on?

    Enjoy NR

  4. I did consider others before buying the CBR but out of most of the reviews i read and with the success of the 07 model i couldnt go past it. I test rode a daytona 675 and while it was a nice bike the seat was too hard and too high for my liking. Yeah i live not very far from the old pac at all. You guys ride up there much?