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G'day Everyone

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dowieboy, May 8, 2007.

  1. Hey am new to riding, recently armed licenced (learners only) and just getting familiar with the bike before I start commuting on it

    Bikes nothing special a Hyosung GV250 being a large fella at the moment it seemed only smart to get a reasonably priced entry cruiser and shed the pounds while I am learning before I jump in the deep end and buy something sportier

    Anyhow other than that I am 25 and located in the Newcastle Area I dare say you wont miss me either if you sling past me, those L plates are like location beacons for trouble
  2. Welcome to 2 wheels! You'll have a blast. Don't worry - learning is half the fun of riding!

    You made a good bike choice, you've got plenty of time to upgrade later :grin:
  3. Ah Medowie, what a wonderful part of Australia :LOL:

    Welcome to the forum, where a few others of us are also, shall we say, not as svelte as in younger days :LOL:.
  4. welcome to the forum
  5. Welcome and enjoy!
  6. Welcome to the forums, and keep safe on the roads.

    Red :)
  7. welcome to the nut house m8 enjoy
  8. Howdy Doody, Dowieboy :grin: Welcome to Netrider.
  9. Hey hey! Welcome and good to see another learner around my age getting out there and giving it a go!
    Maybe we'll ride together in the same state at some point.
    Take it easy.
  10. Thanks everyone wasnt sure what ot expect when I joined the forum but so far it been very welcoming and educational so now am looking forward to what the future will give. I reckon once I get my slow riding down pat, look out world I am coming to a street near you.
  11. Welcome mate, good to see another local.
  12. I am somewhat of a cautiious learner although I have been on the road as a driver for 9 yrs getting used to my bike is something I have been trying to do step by step.
    Today I finally got the time to spend a good 4 hours cruising around my local area and hot damn was it enjoyable and some what addictive I think I did 3 passes of my house before I decided to have a rest.
    The main thing I thought was funny was I was having an absolute wicked time but being cautious I didnt realise I was only doing about 65-70kph and I thought I was really hooking but I guess and hope that with time I will start doing the proper speed limits just hope it doesnt take too long.
    just so much to learn in a short time really but everyone I know who rides reckons I will pick it up quicker than I think.

    Anyhow thanks again everyone for making me welcome its quite uplifting to know the riding community is so supportive and welcoming than other communities available.
  13. Gday...am new myself & like you have the same sense of "what speed is". Think I'm blasting along only to see I'm doing 60k's. Havin a blast though.

    Riders I know keep telling me to get out as much as I can cos each experience is a learning one.

    Enjoy & ride safe !!